Frederick Reed


Name: Frederick Reed
Age: Apparent, late 20’s/early 30’s
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 210lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Notes: A Freeman by birth, Frederick Reed grew up in a vastly different America….

Info: Born in the New World to a British Freeman and his Nova Scotian wife, Frederick grew up in a world in the middle of a drastic evolution, one that he has sought to understand since. He apprenticed young to his father, a blacksmith, in Massachusetts. As animosities with the British flared, tempers within the shop did as well, as the young Frederick continually challenged his father’s own Loyalist sympathies with is own Patriotic ones. After a particularly heated argument, father decided it was time for son to go, unaware it would be the last time he’d ever see him.

Background: Rapid were the changes after that. Suddenly alone and in a chaotic world, Fredrick took his meager belongings and did what any boy would do: went to the nearest bar for a drink. Though treated with base ignorance, the patrons all but ignored him with everything else occurring, and the talk was all about change - a new government, freedom from taxation without representation, and a separation from Britain. Sitting in a shadowed corner in the back by himself, Frederick grew fascinated with and passionate about the subjects at hand. Having the mistake of picking two British officers to have the argument with would prove volatile, and had he not fled there was no telling how the encounter would have played out… but he ran, and on his way home, met his fate by the wayside.

Frederick remembers little of the encounter; anytime he speaks of it, he describes feeling more then visual perceptions - "being startled, then concerned, then passionate and then violent…" but even as those fears seem to get the best of him, he calms. Like water washing over rocks, he regains his inner strength and shakes it off, stating that living was worth whatever did occur.

The next thing he recalls about his life was waking up in a loft on the outskirts of… (he’ll pause and shake his head, unable to recall the name of his hometown)… but knowing he’d changed. He learned the hard way about his nature, suffering while traveling under the sun and being stung until he fled for the trees deeper shadows… preying on forest animals like a hunter, he found out about his blood thirst, though thought it an odd change. Eventually, even an uneducated man had to begin questioning these odd behaviors, but Frederick remained non-plussed about the entire thing; they were all just more changes, more things he was caught up in the middle of, and all he had were questions seeking more answers.

Knowing about his healing factor, he applied for Washington’s army, intending to fight as war broke out across the colonies… but “back in ‘75, the General wasn’t havin no Negroes fight for him, despite layin down our lives, fightin for our homes, like any one else.” Discouraged but determined, he decided to shadow one of the units, sticking to the forests during the day and guarding at night - defeating more then one enemy scout himself, and alerting the unit to impending threats the next. Some of the more superstitious among the group began thinking they were being watched over, and tales of a Shadow that watched over the soldiers began to spread.

Frederick kept up these shadow games for several years, only needing the extreme basics to survive, and reveled in his abilities, pushing to explore them as much as possible. Some time later word came that Washington had approved Rhode Island raising a regiment of free blacks and slaves, and Frederick knew it was time to move on.

As it turns out, Frederick took longer then expected getting to Rhode Island, and by the time he pulled himself through the various little battles occurring all over, his home state of Mass abolished slavery in their own state Constitution. He heard that two African-Americans had been emancipated, sueing for their freedom, and had actually won. To him, this was just another marvel of the world and the people within it, but it spurred him into other thoughts… "I'd always known not all folk were freemen, but… it suddenly struck me that I could do something about it… just had to learn more and be ready when the time came."

His next several decades found him buried in the 1800s, generally learning more about his condition while experimenting with others… preferring his solitude, he taught himself to read with stolen books, and eventually to write as well, things left out of his childhood apprenticeship. Sometimes he would stay in the wilderness, where he had many adventures, and other times within the town, making himself useful enough while staying out of sight.

Of course, the late 1850s brought even more changes, and as an isolated individual who was also now a topic of conversation wherever he went various people he encountered expressed themselves, and he found himself embroiled in another war.

Deciding he had learned enough to be useful this time, and for a cause he must have been hand-picked for, Frederick learned all he could about the border lines as the North and South divided, using his time among the soldiers to pick up on their intentions and integrate himself among them as he traveled. He worked the lines masterfully, and later learned of others doing so as well, smuggling slaves across to live free in the north.

Playing more from the shadows, Frederick played for the higher-risk gains, making the toughest snatch-and-grabs ever attempted, and was responsible for shepherding a fair share parts of a path that would eventually… “….Underground Railroad… yeah. Tough it was in those days, knowin just who to trust. There’s far more to a man then the color he comes in, ya know? Stuff was bad, real bad… there was a fallout for a lotta years….”

It was sometime during this period Frederick met more of his kind. “Mixed with a lotta different crowds then… suppose it was inevitable.” He speaks little of the subject, but says he’s on good terms with all he’s encountered. “And those that didn’t like me, well… I kinda grew on.”

Starting in the 1950’s, Frederick began attending classes at Boston College, and obtained a doctorate in Biology, helping advance the science in small ways while he studied the effects of his own blood and tissue. With a better understanding of the world then his mortal peers, he withdrew once more, travelling on occasion to study other creatures and rumors around the world, but mostly theorizing on the vampiric and ‘preternatural’ conditions in order to.. “…quantify and clarify. It was really just me out, you know, livin life? I went where I needed to go, worked when I needed to work, slept when I got tired…”

Sometime during the 1970s, Frederick ran across Ms. Swanson - though neither discuss the matter often. It is known that they share some common interests, and seem to interact in a friendly manner. “She was interested in some work I was doin, thought I could, you know, help out on some mission or another… turns out I could, and she came back around again to bounce more ideas off me like… a decade and change later? I forget; I’d been living with this tribe of werebears, you see, and - no, I mean they’re great guys and all, but don’t piss em off - and it took me a while to get back to the office. After that, I didn’t see her for another twenty years… and now here I am.”

And now here he is, Dr. Frederick Reed, REVOLUTIONARY WAR PATRIOT.

Current Sketch: Dr. Reed is a very easy going people person. Because of his unusual life, Dr. Reed has a keen understanding of humanoid biology, and lots of insight into other life forms he’s encountered. All in all, he’s a very well-rounded individual, and the only thing to really remember is that to him, everything has a reason, and that reason can be proven… he just might not understand quite how just yet, but all things in good time…

Powers and Abilities: As far as the students know, Dr. Reed is completely human.

Most of the Staff and Faculty are aware: As a Kardia Vampire, he has access to the following abilities found on their Wiki page: Kardia His True age is 259. [August 4, 1753]

Only Ms. Swanson knows: Additionally, as a secretive sorcerer, he has extensive arcane knowledge, and purview in 4 spell schools, an achievement rare for a vampire, and even more rare for someone who only discovered their Talent after being Turned. As a vampire first, he found himself outside the purview of the Trimagus, and has instead maintained peaceable ties to them under the guise of a Kardian Ambassador, conducting much research by himself. It is important to note, though seemingly schooled in magic (and certainly well-read) most of his experiments are clinical explorations in his mind, as he studies various effects and catalogs them. He does not view magic as a mysterious power at all, just one that he only understands the very basic principals of.

Equipment: As a prominent Vampire of the Kadia clan, Reed has access to various means of acquisition should he need anything, given time.

Typically, Reed will enter combat with an old Calvary saber if up against resilient opponents (like vampires), and is practical enough and practiced enough to handle many conventional firearms. (Though he has a tendency to stick with guns he understands the mechanics of and aren’t affected by his various proclivities).

Quotes: “Just because I’m a vampire, and a sorcerer, does not mean I am at all supernatural. I have simply learned how to harness the gifts lying within my cellular structure, combined them with metaphysical practice, and learned how to impose my will upon reality. It’s quite simple, really, like learning how to ride a bicycle.” *dazzling smile, perfectly at ease*

Plot Points: The new candidate for Lily’s Mentor pre-War saga. His native Kardia abilities relate directly to her emotion control, so he can serve as a better mentor for her without worrying about her own control slipping.

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