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This Month's Featured Article…February was here!

But Babs didn't do a monthly for it.

This Month's Featured Article… Words around us.

January, 2014

By Seamus Heaney

Between my finger and my thumb
The squat pen rests; snug as a gun.

Under my window, a clean rasping sound
When the spade sinks into gravelly ground:
My father, digging. I look down

Till his straining rump among the flowerbeds
Bends low, comes up twenty years away
Stooping in rhythm through potato drills
Where he was digging.

The coarse boot nestled on the lug, the shaft
Against the inside knee was levered firmly.
He rooted out tall tops, buried the bright edge deep
To scatter new potatoes that we picked,
Loving their cool hardness in our hands.

By God, the old man could handle a spade.
Just like his old man.

My grandfather cut more turf in a day
Than any other man on Toner’s bog.
Once I carried him milk in a bottle
Corked sloppily with paper. He straightened up
To drink it, then fell to right away
Nicking and slicing neatly, heaving sods
Over his shoulder, going down and down
For the good turf. Digging.

The cold smell of potato mould, the squelch and slap
Of soggy peat, the curt cuts of an edge
Through living roots awaken in my head.
But I’ve no spade to follow men like them.

Between my finger and my thumb
The squat pen rests.
I’ll dig with it.


I've been getting into a habit of watching "Sunday Morning" with a pot of coffee and a notepad near by. Easy paced news where can I see things I didn't know or things I forgot I knew, and making notes along the way of things to look into later. Today it has inspired me, motivated me, and sparked the light to be creative to burn brighter again, all because of a poem.

They ended the show with a segment highlighting those persons of a notable stature that had passed away this year, Mr Heaney died back in August. He was a poet, playwright, and translator, won the Noble Prize of Literature in 1995, and in 1999 he wrote a translation of Beowulf which has been included in The Norton Anthology of English Literature. They read a piece of "Digging", so I went digging to read the rest. It's a great poem and one I will add to my collection of favorites.

I have been scribbling, noting, brainstorming, and chicken scratching my way through a notebook the last few months. Most of it to vent whats in my head, some of it to keep ideas I have for Leah in order, and the rest to keep the bug to write and the the creative juices following. Your brain is a muscle, it needs exercise too. I know we haven't had much activity around here lately, but I'm hopeful the new year will see a revitalizing of threads and stories. Even if you don't post online, post on paper or a text document in notepad, if you can't use all of it now, maybe pieces can be used later. I don't know, I'm a hopeful dreamer standing on a soap box preaching about being creative. Find your soap box, be creative.

~Babs (Who needs more coffee….)

This Month's Featured Article… has been eaten again.

So Babs has been bad about moving the last few updates over here. It's alright, they weren't that important anyway!

This Month's Featured Article… 5 GOLDEN RINGS!

July 3rd, 2013


** June 1st, 2013 / This Month's Featured Article…has been eaten. **

So Babs was sick for last 3 days and finally went to the emergency room today. I was also without internet so even sick I wouldn't have been able to update. Because the pain meds they gave me are doing a great job, I forgot to put the June FA over here…. And trying to write at the moment is a slight challenge. But I'm sorry I ate the post. It was tasty.

[[size 150%]]This Month's Featured Article… May Days!

May 2nd, 2013

Spring has come once again, and as the days grow longer and warmer the Academy has once again slowed to a dull pace as everyone finds other things to do that involve like… going outside. Yeah, it’s pretty scary stuff. I hear there’s even a big burning orb that hangs overhead that can burn the skin on a person in mere hours. *shudder* With Babs out of town, I’ve taken up the task of filling this void with nonsensical words strung together that may resonate with some particular efficacy to a reason known only to myself. ‘Cause that’s how I do it.

This time of year always has us busy with real life endeavors, and that’s OK. Lately only Ebel's Day of Darkness has shown any activity, while Tally struggles to find people to help him continue Leon’s XR, May the Best Clone Win. In other news, Monody has taken to writing up some songs for Kyrie in the aptly-named Kyrie Songs thread to give our alien rock star some more fluff to work with, and we should probably get back to the action in Semiautomagic at some point and continue the villainy that lies dormant.

Other than that, things have been rather slow, and I expect that will continue on through the summer months as it is wont to do; SAS is still coming along, slowly with my own RL concerns, but moving nonetheless, and I hope to start whittling it back down to a manageable form for use at some point.

Just another slow start to spring…


** April 1st, 2013 / This Month's Featured Article…has no title. **


This time last year I made an ego boosting post about one of Ebel's students. Also introducing the UARPG system. Now that a year has gone by and Gen's still tweaking the system to make it work for a PnP. Our resident swag expert has something he would like to see a potential future for as well and this has lead to the current "Our Name…" thread that's been started. So if you have concerns on the further direction of where this place goes and the new name that will have to be adopted to accommodate those ideas, check out the thread and offer some suggestions for the new name.

Ms Monody has made some posts in the Freeform section in a thread called "Shard of Space". I've found it to be an interesting read, I look forward to further additions to it. She also has a new thread in Plot Suggestions that comes with a fine print warning, read it carefully. I have been debating joining, but Monzie can be scarey for such a small cute and pink thing she is…..

Also Easter was yesterday and I always have to recommend "Hank and Mike". It's on Netflix and a warning that its not a children's movie. But watch what happens when you try to fire an Easter Bunny. Has a good soundtrack too!

So good readers, fellow authors, and happens to pass byers have a good Spring.


** March, 2013 / This Month's Featured Article…The Tally Man **

So I don't know how many of the Alumni around here have noticed but I'm going to say
something. I am proud of Tally. He's been around this place longer than I have and in the time I've been here I can say that he's come a long way. The overall skill in his writing and his unquenchable thirst to contribute material have made him a notable member among the ranks.

Tally wear a big grin and be proud. I'm glad you are here and the work you contribute is appreciated! Thank you.


** February, 2013 / This Month's Featured Article… **

Sorry for dropping the ball. I was sick through the front end of this month and other than the holiday I'm not sure what else to post here. I'm hopeful I will have something for next month that be worthy of being here.


2nd January, 2013 / This Month's Featured Article… In progress

A new year has begun and I'm already running late. Well good bye 2012, we were going to have to deal with a Friday 13th of a year 13 at some point right? Well the tail end of 2012 has made the forum a busy beehive. The "Clone War" Crossroads has begun with a rather bloody start. God's Tears has surfaced to the light of day and is still a threat while pushing students closer to another dramatic chapter in Academy history. So there are several stories running and some new Plotz! being spanned. Sorry just felt like it needs that boost, because I'm excited! There's a lot going on and if you aren't caught up, find some time to read. Also the forum has a new link button at the top of the page WCA Campus Map. Now everyone has easy access to the layout to plenty of locations to use!

I think I have more to add and will do so once I am able to make updates that are not from a mobile device.


++2nd December, 2012 / This Month's Featured Article… End of the year! End of the world?

So we have had a few thing happening around here. Plots hooks has become a hot topic and hopefully a more useful tool in character building. There is some new Villain lore in the works to make way for more diversity in the characters we create. So for it being the end of a year and by some the end of the world, we certainly have a lot of positive motion moving forward. I hope this to be a trend that continues.

And it's December. Time for all the hustle and the bustle that comes with it as well. Travel plans are being made, gifts being bought, decorations are hung, overplayed holiday songs on the radio, and at the end of the month, a week shifting from one holiday to the next in some crazy blur. But I hope everyone gets to spend the time with people they love and family they can tolerate.

And some really big lights…..


(That later in Archiving I learn how to re-size! ~Babs)

1st November, 2012 / This Month's Featured Article… Stuff!


[[size 150%]] So the quote reminded me of Monz, that's why I used it. :)

Thanksgiving and family. Yeah at the end of this month it's when you sit at a table and eat food or whatever your family tradition maybe. But I hope it's something you enjoy, even if the best part is the dysfunction of it all. I'm trying to find words to speak on the matter and I am a bit of a loss for someone that is all about family. Mine is huge! But then I add you guys and it gets even better. Ok maybe I can find some mushy words…*sings* "moving right along…"

Now to something like business. There has been some shifting and squirming going on around the place. The forum got the new skin and I don't know if you noticed, but it loads SO MUCH FASTER! I like that a lot, since as you all know the internet at the farm sucks!

Also there has been a State of the Academy posted, slightly fitting given it's an election year. (*Insert shameless plug to date this post* The video for Obama by Joss Whedon bashing Romney and he being the reason for a coming Zombie Apocalypse if elected, it's worth the laugh.)

But this State of the Academy is a platform of change I can get behind. Shared and balanced control, room for growth, and hopefully inspiring. Heck We may even get in a Thanksgiving or Christmas thread this year!

Wait, has there ever been an Academy Christmas Special?


6th October, 2012 / This Month's Featured Article… Babs is still Bored!


Hi Folks! So I am a little late to get this updated, but it's still within the first week of the month! Fall is here and that means Halloween! Along with way too early Christmas decorations littering the retail shelves. I know because I was the one to take two small children costume shopping! My niece (8 years old) is "a dead vampire princess", we can't get her to drop the dead part when she says it and my nephew (4 years old) will be Darth Vader. He's never seen a single Star Wars movie or cartoon, we are still a little perplexed by it since his first pick was Mickey Mouse.

And in Academy News….. Not much is happening. We no longer have a column of quick links on the left side of the forum, there are still a few RP's chugging along like the Little Engine that could, Reap is being honored with a Golden Waffle Award for being the best and only entry into the caption thread I started (, Tally gets a Golden Cheeseburger Award for having an RP make it to 5 pages and is still alive, and no other Awards of Randomness will be handed out for this month. If you feel someone has been over looked for such award please let me know!

Also in other news, Video Games. Yes video games, ya know those things you play when you aren't posting or slammed with school work and for you post grads, beginning your suffering of the real world…..
But those that can afford it or know how to "borrow it" have been engrossed with Borderlands 2, Torchlight 2, and Guild Wars 2. The Black Mesa — "Half Life 1 all over again." And the Mageling has been playing Resident Evil 6.

In other game news NCSoft and it's bad choices has closed City of Heros. Before CoH I heard stories of Champions Online, till it died off. Will there be another "Hero" game in the future we can use for our own guilty Academy pleasures? Well it makes a great topic for discussion I guess. Anyone have any ideas? ( )

Gen does, Check it out:

So if anyone has anything else they would like to add or see here, please let me know!


1st September, 2012 / This Month's Featured Article… Babs is Bored!


1st August, 2012 / This Month's Featured Article… Farm Life!


Farmers Market Video:
(I was bad about updating the archive and I was also bad about not having a backup of what I posted for this month. ~Babs)

1st July, 2012 / This Month's Featured Article… US!


1st June, 2012 / This Month's Featured Article… Kyrie Aelesion!


1st May, 2012 / This Month's Featured Article… Luno Harper!


Its that time of month again and it is (mostly) my pleasure to introduce our our resident Moon Man Luno Harper! A prince and alien While he may be a pain sometimes his healing skills have saved us on more than one occasion and while he never lets us forget this fact we are all truly grateful. So even though he thinks he is better than most of us, let us take comfort in the fact he is just as freaky.

~Ghost, who hopes that luno doesn't decided to stop healing him now

1st April, 2012 / This Month's Featured Article… Canyon Ekon!


Canyon Ekon is the Academy's newest famous face. He has been featured in Teen Beat, Teen Vogue, and Teen Cosmo magazines. He and his ego, enjoy the lime lite and gladly takes the chance to sign an autograph or pose for a photo (hence our rather large spread for him). He recently proved his worth against Donny Vargas in Kyrie Aelesion's "Battle Dome" that now adorns one of the campus lawns. So don't be fooled, he may yet have a chance to surprise you. There might be a nice boy hiding in there somewhere…


What is this Unusually Appealing Role Playing Game all about you ask? Well let me tell you, it's a new way to do an old thing! But seriously there is some good stuff in the works! An improved Hero Sheet, a complete over haul on the guide to help everyone figure out how to use it, and a few other bells and whistles. Everyone is welcome to contribute and add more information for templates or check with Gen and ask what you can do to help! There is already a basic listing for the UARPG Database and you can find the link to the left in the side bar! So if you haven't taken a look, give it a gander and if you have some feedback feel free to share. Gen is projecting launch to be the beginning of May. So I know I look forward to having stuff to play with!


4th March, 2012 / This Month's Featured Article… Viktor Devange!


"Gypsies tend to wander, and don't usually stay in one place for long. But one boy has determined us interesting enough to grace us with his presence for the time being. With a wit as sharp as his knives, Viktor Devange likes to think 3 steps ahead of any situation, and always seems to come out on top. And even when those fail, he can rely on his trusty hexes to tip the luck in his favor. While his end goal is just a good time and a story to tell, his teammates can rest assured that he'd never toss his friends under the wagon in a fight."

~Reap, whom has been very busy with school….

4th February, 2012 / This Month's Featured Article… Vincent King!


"A man with no history, few friends and a girl who seems determined to sneak away at every turn might sound like a sad sight. But that's hardly the case for Vincent King. Between his snappy dress sense and powerful weapons conjured by magical power with his own will. Vincent has a strong desire to rise into the hero he believes himself to be and is a student determined to make his own mark on the world."

As quoted by Cbselfmonkey

"Vincent King: The debut debonair Dudley-Do-Right of the ACAD universe! Even comes with a red uniform!"

As quoted by Monody

6th January, 2012 / This Month's Featured Article… Erik Lancer!


Erik Lancer, a mysterious boy with a forgotten past. He hides his pain behind a stoic visage and sheds blood like a vengeful leper, all for the promise of a life as a hero and chance at redemption for a memory lost to him. A boy without a past bleeds for the promise of a future where he can accept himself. A true tragedy, he commits wholly to the success of his allies and the thrill of self-growth.
Erik Lancer, Exo; Erik Lancer, Reaper.

By Ebsy (who used to owe me a blurb… ~Babs)

6th December, 2012 / This Month's Featured Article… Raine Synclair!


With Smarts, Sass, and the ability to manipulate and analyze DNA with a touch,Raine Synclair has a lot to offer The Academy. But she always leads with her strongest weapon first, her brazen, determined personality! It's so large that when she enters a room, everyone notices it. Nothing but her own control can keep it from bursting forth and dwarfing everyone elses in comparison. Her bust the bad guys mentality is second to none, even the most determined of heroes can't compete it's perfect demeanor. It's like it's own physical weapon, a banner of justice she wields over her heart, an inspiration to heroes everywhere!
-Maer, who truly appreciates her HUGE personalityies

3rd November, 2011 / This Month's Featured Article… Donny Vargas!


The American Witch he calls himself, and rightly so; having been raised in the swampy Louisiana south. Donny Vargas can be spotted by his bright red chucks he wears everyday or fighting to keep his 4 cats locked in his dorm room. (Did you know one of them is a lion cub?) But don't mind the smell if he seems a little ripe, it's probably the latest brew out of his cauldron…
-Babs, whom hopes she does not have a curse put upon her…

3rd October, 2011 / This Month's Featured Article… Leon Jinks!


Well it's about time we round out our Features with a longtime Student whose made a lasting impression on the Academy… multiple times. Leon Jinks maybe best known for being a clone of a soldier who frequently finds parts of the world strange in comparison to the life he's instructed to lead, but despite the chips in his brain and the many times he'd like to throw himself into dangerous situations regardless of his own imminent demise, Leon has managed to survive long enough to endear himself amongst the Academy… and maybe even to a witch or two…
-Gen, who fears the possibility of Leon starring in Multiplicity 2

4th September, 2011 / This Month's Featured Article… Leah Robins


Guess what? We remembered to update this month! Speaking of memory, I present our featured student, Leah Robins! With a combination of psionic and telekinetic abilities, she is able to read minds, move objects, and form barriers from other people's absorbed memories. But don't be too worried if she starts digging in your head, as the downside of her power is not being able to remember most things for more than a day. Just make sure whatever she writes down in her memory notebook is pleasant and innocuous, and you'll stay friends for a long time.
-Reap, who suspects many unflattering things are written down about him.

2nd August, 2011 / This Month's Featured Article… Shawn Wicket


June and July we missed the chance to highlight another student and to celebrate the Academy's Birthday. And we still aren't. Oh No, wait we are, Shawn! Has been with the school for some time now. He is the schools only Cyborg student and the only other long term student who has not been featured here. Sorry Shawn, at least you still get to be the only Cyborg.
-Leah, who doesn't remember how she got stuck doing this.

26th May, 2011 / This Month's Featured Article… Lily Woodruff!


Whoa now, its about that time again. This week our spotlight is cast upon the beautiful, the kind, and subtle danger that is Lily Woodruff. Lily has become one of the more prominent students of the Academy by proving time and time again why she should not be underestimated. She is a passive spirit, but do not let that fool you, Lily is trained like all her other peers and this one can make you wish you were never born— literally. Her friendship is invaluable. Whenever the alpha students need comforting or an open ear, they all know they have a gem in Lily.
-Sam, who did this for the first time ever.

22th May, 2011 / This Month's Featured Article… Forum Facelift

So Gen has gone off and done it again. The Academy Forums got a shiny new paint job, along with "Who's Awake To Post?!", (oddly enough none of our members live in the Mountain Time zone in the U.S.), and a new easy to use Photobucket link for all your image query needs! Now if Gen could stop getting distracted and round up the rest of the Admins to get the 'Hero Store' up and running! That would really be news worthy!
~Babs, see I know how to do stuff sometimes too! <_<

16th January, 2011 / This Month's Featured Article… Spencer Smith!

With a new site, we figured it was time to spotlight another member of our student body. Though he looks dead, Spencer is one of our more active students, always ready to serve justice and point out what's morally right. Lately though, his unique brand of heroing may have finally spelled a permanent end to our beloved phantom! But I'm sure he'll come through fine. …Right?
-Reap, who's going to be extra careful not to get on Gen's bad side from now on <_<

15th January, 2011 / Welcome to the Wikidot!

Yes well… upon stumbling across another site I was, well… slightly jealous of… I decided to try and see what I could achieve if we had everything: Our Chatango Chat, The Indexing of the Wikia, and our own beloved and 3rd time around Forums, all in one place. Well of course, the idea spread, and with other members (Reaper!) chipping in, its starting to look like another Academy website! Thanks to everyone who's already jumped on board to make this at least a Comprehensive Plan C, and let's see where we go from here!
-Gen, who apparently gets jealous easily when it comes to Us.

24th September, 2010 / Finally a new featured article!

No offense to Sam, but Alex's face was starting to bother me. Now we get to enjoy the spunkyness of Victoria Velsing! "She hasn't been on here yet right?…Ok yeah." Anyway congratz to Vic!
-Maer, who seriously needs someone to do his homework for him.

15th July, 2010 / Uhhhh…

Update: We've put up a temporary forum here. Members, we should probably schedule a meeting to determine where we go from here. We'll keep both this page and chat updated with whatever we decide. The new forum and chat are probably the best places to discuss this stuff for now. And try to contact others through other means to make sure everyone knows what's up.

That part about not panicking? We might have spoken a bit too soon on that. It seems that IPBFree, all of it, has been shut down for unknown legal reasons. Apparently the only way the IPB people have been able to tell everyone about this is through their twitter accounts. I have no idea what's going on, but according to them the site is gone for good, and so is all the forum data. So… yeah. This sucks massively. But at least now we sorta know what's up, and we can decide what to do from here. Info forthcoming. In the meantime, CHAT is still up, so you're welcome to stop by and watch us curled up in the corner and sobbing quietly to ourselves.

14th July, 2010 / Update

The host for our main site seems to be undergoing maintenance. Don't panic, we haven't gone anywhere! You can still find a few of us lingering around the CHAT, which is still up at the moment.

10th March, 2010 / This Months Feature… US!!!

It's been quite an interesting time at the ACADEMY lately. We're currently infiltrating an upstart nation in Foreign Exchange, and lost in a world purged of sinners in Pushing Forward Back! Also, the Hall of Champions has been reopened, and the competition has been fierce indeed! A new Alternate Universe has also got players running with many stories, and many of our staple cast make the move to teaching themselves! It's a wonderful time to be a student at the Academy!

10th February, 2010 / This Months Featured Article… Alexandria Winston-Slater !!!

One of our most stalwart members, Alex brings a lot of detail and much needed insight to a place occasionally starved for it. Affectionately known as 'Bubbles' among other things, Alex tends to be the linch-pin of our defense, a specialist in keeping others from harm. Her spellcasting abilities might not yet be fully developed, but that doesn't mean she's easy to overwhelm… and if you're at all in doubt, I welcome you to try her yourself… you might just find out exactly how CRAZY this girl is! -Gen, who remembers a crazy friend blowing the windows out of an apartment building but wouldn't say it was a bad move.

10th February, 2010 / This Weeks Feature

Spring cleaning? Well I suppose it is, even if we haven't reached spring quite yet. We've had a long, somewhat troublesome year here at the Academy, but we're not dead yet! Far from it actually, we've launched a new host of RP story lines, and have more on the way! Our core members have weathered yet another storm, and we're still going strong here, so now it's back to basics!

4th October / This Weeks Featured Article… LILY WOODRUFF !!!

Many flowers are beautiful to behold, and deadly to touch. We have our own flower in Lily, a shy, soft-spoken girl who also happens to be highly empathic. Because of her shaky sense of self-worth, this young girl has also studied witchcraft, and between the two powers, make her someone to be feared, able to manipulate emotions or whip up a sleeping powder… Or at least, they would, if she didn't have an abiding distaste for combat in any way, shape or form! -Gen -who's pretty sure pet turtles and cats mean a preemptive strike by sea and land… one more step towards world domination for Dat.

20th September / This Weeks Featured Article…JOHNATHAN SIMMONS !!!

Oh wow where to begin? This kid, besides being a HUGE dork and (probably) carrying dice everywhere, also happens to be the one chosen to carry an artifact of power; in this case, a ring that gives him some electrical powers. Oh yeah, and if he dances while he's wearing it, he turns into TEEN SAMURAI! Turns out the ring is the Orb of Neutrality, and now this young boy discovers a destiny bigger than himself, which carries the fate of an entire civilization! Oh, and don't say anything like… 'Henshin' around him… -Gen -who thinks if you're going to dance, you should have music.

13th September / This Weeks Featured Article…JACKSON DUNMAR ll!!!

Only YOU! Can Prevent Forest Fires…or Cheesy Introductions is this very Tough Bear's new catch phrase…or at least I wish it was. This "selfless" Richy Rich has turned out to be quite a champ, his shapeshifting ability has become a huge boon for the rest of the team, especially for those he's used it to save. Since his arrival he's quickly made friends with a previous Featured Student who shall remain both nameless and lizard like, as well as a few other students. A perfect example of the phrase *If you poke the bear, he pokes back*, Jack tries to escape violence, yet when the time comes, he's not afraid to break some ribs with his bear hug -Maerik -who wonders if Jack sticks his toilet paper rolls on tiny tree branches.

31st August / This Weeks Featured Article…HOSHEA MCTAGGERT!!!

Don't mind the sewer smell or lizard-y appearance (complete with teeth and claws) because this boy is anything but a beast. Hailing from Canada, this Salamander had to move to a warmer climate out of self-preservation, and settled for a time in the sewers of Millennium. Often prone to fainting (generally from cold… we think) this lizard is one of weak constitution, though while functioning has displayed mean culinary skills and a passion for… ballet. -Gen -who thinks purple leotards and tutus should be standard issue to all lizard kids.

24th August / This Weeks Featured Article…EZEKIEL ASKARI!!!

Not a bird, not a plane, and not quite normal, our feature this week is our resident angel Zeke! Born in Los Angeles, his origins are somewhat ambiguous; all that is known comes from what little memories he has of his awakening, and the ideas he scratches down in the scraps of an old journal dated 1984. With his manifestations of Celestial blades and the wings on his back, he has taken to the study of Bushido to deal with the forces of darkness and evil… and with his studies on espionage and his conspiracies on everything from 'The Man' to Superman, he's got his hands full! -Gen -This message will self-destruct in thirty seconds.

16th August / This Weeks Featured Article…DAVEY PEBBLES!!!

Is it…No It Can't be can it? IT's JAMES BOND!! Oh wait no it's just some other British Guy with an Accent. FALSE ALARM EVERYONE! Yes Our Management Team Here at the Academy Wiki *Or the Acadawiki* Have been busy, and slacking on our articles of the week, so having a comeback, with a Foreign Person No less. Mr. Pebbles is a kind hearted soul with a split personality that occurs when under intense pressure and leaves him a ruthless King of the Slaughterfest and from past experience believe me you don't want to visit that Fest. Davey has an..odd power that's brings a whole new meaning to Cutting Yourself. A tough fighter and friend, Davey has the potential to be your Best Friend and your Worst Enemy. -Maerik -Who totally wrote this on the right day.

19th July / This Weeks Featured Article… THE ACADEMY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!

It's been one long, amazing year, and though we've been through many troubles and rocky points, we've come out as one of the largest and most successful Role Playing Super Groups in Champions Online. This Group has been home to many, and given birth to friendships that will last forever. Special thanks go to Gordo *or Phil* for creating this group, GhostPanther *Or Ron* for being it's first official Member and all of our other members for making this Super Group what it is, a family of amazing people. -Maerik -Who wishes he could've found the game a lot sooner.

12th July / This weeks featured article… BLAKE ROBINSON!!

Yeah, its summer, and everyone's busy, including us at the Academy! Luckily for us, when we need to chill out, we have our very own Ice Man on hand! The Academy's very own 'Peach Popsicle' is a brutal force to be reckoned with, and in his ice form Blake tops Seven Feet and Half a Ton! It wouldn't be so bad… if he wasn't constantly spoiling for a fight! -Gen -who sees the irony in a hot-headed ice kid

29th June / This weeks featured article… AARON HALLS!!

As of the Academy's younger members, Aaron combines a can-do and up beat attitude with throwing big balls of fire. He's been in The Academy's roll call since the first adventure and continues to cheer us up with his bright and happy trademarked smile. -Maerik -Who thinks that much happy should cause someone to explode

22nd June / This weeks featured article… ALEXANDER LANCASTER!!

A member of the 'new class' who entered near the end of our second main adventure, Xander has already blazed trails in making his mark upon the Academy. Known for the hyper-speed mind that's only a hair quicker then his feet, Xander is also quite proficient at battling hordes of plants while looking stylish in his ducky pajamas! Look for this hero's random tangents and inner monologues and see if YOU can keep up! -Gen

15th June / This weeks featured article… RONALD RICHARDS!!

The FIRST of the Academy's students after it's Five-Year Closure, Ron Richards has seen it all. From the first adventure to the last, Ron is quickly adjusting to life amongst the strange, and tends to stay on top of it all. Presenting an often cool demeanor, he acts the King he will one day become. -Gen -thanks for starting us off :P

8th June / This weeks featured article… MAERIK MARSON!!

In an effort to recognize our long-standing members and their contributions to the group, well… anyhow, now I apparently have to recognize the mageling. One of the first students enrolled at the Academy, Maerik makes his presence known through his sly wittiness and stereotypical good looking rich kid charms. Though they happen to utterly fail on yours truly, it can never be said he doesn't try, and for that, I'm proud to at least call him a valued member of our team. With a host of spells available to get us through various situations, Maerik is our very own Archmage, a title that puts him at the forefront of our magic squad. He's also our Class Vice-President, and though that would imply he actually did something around here, I'm still waiting to see just 'what' it is he does…. -Gen -who is far busier than this guy (Maerik)

1st June / This weeks featured article… JASON ROBERTS!!

The young militant leader of a group of undisciplined students, Jason's age is insignificant next to the combat experience he had as Major Battle's sidekick! Although a bit confused at times (Thanks to a 64-year stint as an icicle) his outdated mannerisms and general temporal clueless leave him blunt, to the point, and honest; combined with the disciple and honor such a position has instilled upon him, Jason may be young, but he knows far more then you do. At least on the field; he can't program a VCR…. -Gen- who has since added "Golly Gosh Gee" into her vocab

25th May / This weeks featured article…GENEVIEVE SPETTRO!!

A girl who combines looks and brains with a sharp tongue and an "elmo" get-up. Gen Spettro is the Star Goth of The Academy, her clothes used to hide her true inner radiance. Her election as President of the Student Council gave her the chance to be an integral part of the Student Body, though uprooting her normal position as a backseat driver. Her ideals have caused her to butt heads with other students, namely the one she oh so "lovingly" calls Mageling. Her light manipulating powers have been a mystery she herself has been waiting to solve. Take a trait from Gen and solve her mystery HERE! -Maerik- Who's thankful he never needs to waste money on Flashlights.

18th May / This weeks featured article…really?..Does it have to be? Ugh, Fine. GIGA VOLT!!!

Our own personal Mr. Roboto, Giga Volt, has been a..beloved character that made his start in the first adventure of The Academy. A..great member of the Student Body and Sergeant of Arms of Student Council. His..friendliness and..cooperation has- ok no. Giga Volt is a bitter, sarcastic, mocking robot who believes humans are insufferable meat bags that can only tie their shoes if they come with instructions. He's constantly a voice of arrogance and whiny, squealing metal that creates anger in the lightest of moments. Hate, I mean, Learn about Giga Volt more HERE! -Maerik- -With love

11th May / This weeks featured article…CARL LENNOX!!

Since Gen is such a perfectionist, I'll have to go in deep for this one. Carl is our Student Council Historian and his player BioFlux has been a veteran member since his appearance in the first Issue of The Academy and has proven his writing skills and character creation skills from his stories now available on The Academy website and you can see them HERE! -Maerik -Who is way cooler than Gen but has lapses of tiredness and laziness :P

4th May / This weeks featured article…BRENT HARRIS!

Since Maer apparently doesn't like to expound nor… space…. I'm gonna jump in here a bit. Brent is our Student Council Secretary, and aside from showing an outstanding capacity for helping us work through ideas, he's also become our resident signature go to guy! Find some examples of his work HERE! -Gen -with no help from Maerik :P

1st May / The ACADEMY Student Council

Please welcome your Student Council! Congrats to each, and a vote of good luck to them for having to help you all!
Class President: Genevieve Spectrum
Class Vice President: Maerik Marson
Class Secretary: Brent Harris
Class Treasurer: Ronald Richards
Sergeant of Arms: Giga Volt
Fundraiser: Alexandria Winston-Slater
Historian: Seven

18th April / Third round of the Tournament is Over!

After a long wait, the results are in! Unfortunately, it seems none of our fine students shall continue further, but better luck next time! Congrats go out to the worthy opponents who progressed: Black John Bludd, Black Ox, Bronze Raptor, and Freight Train! Tourney 2: Level 4 is HERE! -Gen

1st April / Second round of the Tournament is Over!

No foolin' around here: congratulations go out to Brent, Giga, and TJ for making it into the finals! What challenges will they face next? That's up to Steam! As always, good luck from your team at the ACADEMY! Tourney 2 Level 3 is Here! -Gen

24th March / Faculty and Staff in Attendance!

All the old people your likely to see day-to-day in the ACADEMY are present and accounted for! Head on over and check out their profiles to figure out who you have to suck up to! Also Beta characters made the grade this morning! Now let's see if their 'alternate personas' will drop a little more info on us! -Gen

19th March / First round of the Tournament is Over!

Many amazing stories were submitted, but sadly not everyone can win… Congratulations go out to Giga, who tied for Third Overall, and Brent, TJ, and Maerik, who made it by the skin of his teeth! Nice work guys, and good luck in the next round! And as always, good luck to poor Steam for having to judge! Find more info at Tourney 2 Level 2 -Gen

12th March / The main site and RP threads!

First time here? Take a look at The ACADEMY's main site and introduce yourself! After making the rounds, pop into the RP Forum and catch up on some of the stories as told by our talented authors through their teen alter-egos! Don't forget the Alpha Student Roster to learn more about our teens. Finally, head on over to Show and Tell area for some of the best stories on the net! Check out our team's Tournament stories and help support your team! Will Maerik get eaten by Pac-Man? This hero can hope! (Come on, he's got 3 lives right?) Good luck to all our contestants: Brent, Maerik, Giga Volt, Alex, Spencer, and TJ! (sorry if I forgot anyone, mention and I'll edit!)as well as that poor bastard Steam Tank, who has to help judge the thing! -Gen

12th March / Gen goes nuts! Story at 11!

Hi people. Don't mind me, I'm just having fun adding to this site and trying to make it pop a bit :P You've all put some hard work in here, let's show it off!-Gen

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