We are Born to Hunt
We are Born to Hunt
The Ghuls
Clan Info
Clan Name: Ghul
aka: Red Terror, The Turkish Clan, Slayers, Traitor Spawn
Origin: Ritual Creation
Founder: The Bloody Sultan
Established: 1500 A.D.
No. of Members: Approx. 30 worldwide
Current Leader: The Bloody Sultan
Additional Info
Base of Operations: Istanbul, Ottoman Empire (now Turkey)
Minor Bloodlines: NA
Known Powers and Abilities
Counter Vampirism


Roughly 520 years ago, the newly turned vampire and scourge of the world, Vlad Dracul, was on his rampage against the Ottoman Empire that had wronged him in his mortal life. Nobody survived an encounter with the monster, except for one young man, Zaven, an apprentice mage who was yet to take his test; he survived but it cost him an arm and an eye…literally. Ever since that brutal encounter he was driven mad by his hatred and desire to get revenge.

When he passed his test, nobody was surprised to see his robes turn yet black. Now with his full magical potential, he sought to find a means to get his revenge. As the Dero vampire clan had recently moved into the Ottoman region, there were plenty to experiment on and understand how vampires work…sadly he never knew that the Cursed and the Plauged were two seperate entities, and it was this factor that tainted his project.

It took 20 years of hard research but Zaven had finally done it. In a twisted dark ritual, he used his necromatic magic on the bones of an Ostoun, the blood of a Hamia, the heart of a Kardiā, the flesh of a Dero, the fangs of a Zōion and a peice of his own soul to create his own, synthetic vampire, a new Clan, born of science and magic. This newly formed vampire was twisted, mad and weak but it's blood was divine and with it, he made the Ghuls and took the Title of The Bloody Sultan.

Not quite human, not quite vampire, the Ghuls sat outside the norms, defying classification. In some ways they are just another plauged clan, but they also broke the rules. These new demi-vampires are now forced to hunt and kill all other vampires they see, hoping to purge them from the world and one day finally killing the Dracul (who Zaven thinks it the original vampire).


An infamous 'vampire clan' that arose from the desire to wipe out the other clans. They were made using other vampires and the Necromatic magic of Mage from the Black Tower in a twisted ritual that created these psuedo-vampires who's blood was twisted to kill their cousins. Now they are militaristic and fanatical in their desire to hunt and kill all vampires they see until the world is rid of them.


Most Ghuls can pass for human at a distance, but on closer inspection, it is obvious something is wrong with them. Their skin carries a faint grey/green tint and they are far more likely to scar than a human, often leaving them looking like life-long veterans after only a few years. They also bear the same unnatural stillness of a normal clan based vampire but aren't cold to the touch, instead they are surprisingly warm, making them feel as if they have a severe fever. Rather than having a set of retractable fangs like a natural vampire, the Ghuls instead have faint points on all of their teeth, making them look similar to shark. As part of their indoctrination they almost always wear blood red clothing.

Powers & Abilities:

Ghuls possess a number of abilities unique to their bloodline:

  • Blood Breaking: Sometimes known as the gift of freedom, a Ghul's blood has a magical anti-magic quality when ingested by a mortal. Should a mortal ever drink the blood of a Ghul, it will instantly break any bonds it has to vampire and restore al free will, making this power amongst the most hated by other vampires.
  • Blood Fuel: Rather than being able to burn their blood to boost their physical prowess like normal clans, the Ghuls instead take power from those around them. Whenever a nearby vampire burns blood to boost themselves, the Ghul passively gains 50% of the boost. When surrounded by a group of vampires burning blood, the effects stack, making a cornered Ghul a terrifying thing to behold.
  • Thin the Blood: The infamous touch of the Ghul is something despised by all vampires who know it. When a Ghul touches a normal vampire, they weaken the potency of their blood, making their power fade away. As long as they keep physical contact with a vampire, they can only use their powers at half-efficiency. The oldest of the Ghuls can supposedly do this with line of sight only but it has never been confirmed.
  • Fire of Blood: A cruel gift to deny any vampire the chance of feeding in the heat of battle. A Ghul's blood is highly toxic to other vampires, often causing them to regurgitate most of the fresh blood in their system. Another, more insidious application of this power is a Ghul's breath can taint blood, making it stale so that it will provide no substance to the Vampire who drinks it; they often use this power to ruin and corrupt a vampire's blood storage.
  • Smell the Blood: One of their many gifts to help them hunt their cousins is the impecable ability to find vampires wherever they may be. If a Ghul stops and focuses, they can tell the number of vampires present within a half-kilometer radius but only the truely old ones can tell where in this radius the vampires might be. Should they drink a single drop of blood from a vampire they will be able to track them no matter where they go with some Ghuls being famed for having followed an earlier victim half way across the planet just to finish the job.


  • Blood Addiction: Perhaps the most ironic curse that formed within the Ghuls is their need to feed on blood like those they hunt. Rather than needing to feed, it is more of a chemical addiction, similar to that of heroin. They don’t need it but they do “need” it. Human blood is mildly fulfilling but never sates their hunger; instead, they crave nothing more than the blood of other Vampires. Also, some Ghul's have found out the blood of other Ghul's works just as well as vamp blood to keep the cravings down; this desire to possibly eat their own has forced to Ghul's to work alone for their own safety with no more than one in an area at any one time.
  • Traitors Mark: As a perpetual sign of their artificial origin, all of the Ghuls have a secret mark that has tainted their souls. This mark inspires an instinctual hatred in any vampire that sees the Ghul or hears their voice. The vampire may not know why they hate this person but they do know that they want to kill them. To most other supernatural creatures out there, the Ghuls have a distinctly unpleasent smell, like stagnant water and burnt food that will almost always catch their attention.
  • Sterile Blood: Due to their origin, the Ghuls cannot turn people like other Vampires can. Instead they must take a worthy mortal to the Bloody Sultan in Istanbul who will perform a great, 30 day long blood ritual to turn them into a new Ghul. This severly limits how many Ghuls there are and prevents them from 'breeding' as fast as normal vampires.


The Ghuls sit in an interesting position as to whether they are actually alive or dead, nobody is 100% just what they are classed as. In some ways the Ghuls are dead, they are unnaturally still and most of their organs have been seen to just shut down at the point of conversion; only the heart, stomach and lungs are shown to still function. A Ghuls brain is also seen to be biologically dead, making powers dependant on the living brain extremely difficult to use but Necromancers have been shown in the past to be able to control a Ghul with ease, like a highly complex Zombie.

However, a Ghul's body is at least partially alive. They are seen to both breath and sweat, esspecialyl in the heat of battle when their breathing becames quick and harsh and they end up drenched in sweat. Their stomach does technically function but it only works to proccess blood and raw meat, most other forms of food just sit their and aren't digested (one Ghul used to hide weapons in his stomach to keep them safe and hidden). Finally a Ghuls heart beats just like a living heart to force blood around their body; it has also been shown that the heart/desire powers of the Kardia can function on a Ghul, further confusing their status as living or dead.

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