Goetia Bar


The Goetia bar is something a legendary meeting place amongst the world's supernatural. Simply put, it's one hell of an awesome bar and nightclub, reserved for whatever crazy creatures live out there in the world and it's one of the few places that can be considered neutral in the world.



Front Room:
The main part that most people will get to see. Here, it's pretty much your average bar apart from the curious creatures and spirits that inhabit it. Music from all across the world plays, the bar-staff is friendly and the seats are all enchanted to make them supernaturally comfortable. It's a great palce to meet, greet, have a drink and share a laugh.

Back Room:
A special room reserved for the V.I.P and can only be entered with permission, seriously, trying to enter without permission just takes you back to the front room on an endless loop. Crowley chooses all the music and only allows strange, alchemical cocktails that range from strange to downright monsterous. Here is where the more serious and darker deals take place, the ones you don't want anyone to hear about. There is also a large collection of monsterous creatures held in magical stasis behind glass displays as part of Crowleys prized display.


  • Mr. Crowley: The twisted and perverse owner of the Goetia bar who founded it in the 50's. He earned his name by being a descendant of the infamous Aleister Crowley himself.
  • Tammuz: A terrifying, 9 foot tall Golem who serves as the Bouncer for the club. He was freed from servitude by Manus in the 90's but he still hangs around as he likes his job.
  • Bishop Jones: The long standing bartender of the club. He's a failed mage who lost most of his magic after his girlfriend turned him into a werewolf; he's still not too comfortable with his situation and doesn't like to talk about it.
  • It'Thit'Trul'El: A homunculus made by Crowley to serve as the the club's DJ. He's somewhat chaotic and was poorly made, leading to his having severe short-term memory problems but he's still good at his job.
  • Winters: An albino spirit medium who spends 90% of his time in the back room, working out the books and doing the accounting for Crowley. He also does some 'on-the-side' trading of magical and divine relics.


  • Manus Deus: The renowned street working mage of the Red tower and infamous member of the Infernal Bloodline.
  • Elizabeth Jones: An extremely talented sorcerer and wife of Manus Deus, she's also the twin sister of the bartender and used to work as a waitress at the Goetia.
  • Witches Three: Three sisters, all of different mage orders who seem to possess some form of hivemind. They're all really cute too so they help bring in more customers.
  • Papa Ghede: An extremely old (roughly 97) but extremely talented Vodou Oungan who's surprisngly spry for an old man and freakishly strong.
  • The Dealer: A mysterious young man who works on supplying other supernaturals with whatever it is they need to survive, no matter how rare or….illegal.
  • Eddie: A former Angel of the Elohim who lost his connection to the YHVH network and now spends most of his time hanging around in bars.
  • Sir Mahli: A former mage who fell from grace during the Crusades and was cursed with sick-yet undying form.
  • Elijah Fennis: A downtroden vampire who was turned through bad descision, now he's an information broker and knows just about everyone who ever comes through the bar.
  • David Fionn & Tinky: A friendly mage and alchemist who's currently dating a small pixie-like fae named Tinky. Don't bring up the size issues.
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