Personal Data
Real Name: Grant
Known Aliases: Grant, Two Face
Age: Who knows?
Height: 6'2" and 5'8"
Weight: 130lb and 210lb
Hair Colour: Unknown and Black
Eye Colour: White
Biographical Data
Nationality: Iunno.
Place of Birth: *Shrug*
Base of Operations: Who knows?
Known Relatives: Maybe they're related?
Known Powers
Wind Magic


A curious character who is almost never seen without his companion. All we really know is one of the two male figures is Grant and the other is his summon, but the two being have become so inseparable over the years that whomever was once the true Grant is lost to time. Either figure will respond to the name and speak for Grant.


The Golden Gates Church


Powers & Abilities

Spell Casting
Grant is a powerful summoner, though he is limited to only one summon. Grant forgoes the versatility awarded to most summoners practicing in conjuration to instead maximize his potential with a single summon.

Conjuration Magic
Two for One - Grant's ability to sustain his summon has allowed him to build a near inseparable bond with them. They have become One, and it is unclear to even members of the Wing's who is the Summoner and who is the Summon. The two bodies can share perception ie; see through the eyes of one another, and can communicate with one another non-verbally.

The short form is known to have enhanced physical abilities while the taller form is more likely to cast traditional spells, most notably Shroud.

Teleportation - Grant has mastered a nifty trick where he can reverse summon. This allows the summoner to be summoned by the summon, just as easily as the summoner can summon the summon. (Try saying that five times fast!) This trick allows for a sort of teleportation as either body can move the other to it's location at will.

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