My don't you look tasty...
My don't you look tasty…
Clan Info
Clan Name: Hamia
aka: Clan of Blood; Reds, Slavemasters
Origin: Plagued
Founder: Hamia, 1st of the Three
Established: 700 A.D.
No. of Members: Approx. 500 worldwide
Current Leader: Joseph, the Crimson King
Additional Info
Base of Operations: Athens, Greece
Minor Bloodlines: Probably, I'll get to it.
Known Powers and Abilities
Dominion of Blood



The Hamia Clan is possibly the most powerful and numerous among those of the Plagued lines. Their powers over blood itself make them highly valuable resources, as well as high profile targets.


Generally able to pass for living, there is still much unnatural about them. The oldest still possess the 'living statue stillness' at times, and normal people always consider a Hamia vampire "just a bit strange".

Powers & Abilities:

Hamia Vampires possess a number of abilities unique to their bloodline:

  • Blood Binding:A step further from the Blood Bonds of other vampires, those of the Hamia line are especially feared, for their potent vitae can bond humans, animals, and even other Vampires.
  • Burning Blood: While not noteworthy of itself, Hamia vampires can choose how to use their blood to fuel them, endowing themselves with strength, speed, or fortitude. They can choose any, but unlike the other clans that are locked to boosting one attribute, Hamia vamps will be bested for spreading themselves thin.
  • Call Blood: One of the lesser known abilities, powerful Hamia vampires are actually able to call to the blood of others, wracking humans with pain and burning the resources within another vampire. Obviously this power is well-respected in vampiric society, and Hamia elders are given a wide berth.
  • Purge Bloodborne Diseases: An interesting side note of the Hamia abilities is the power to purge blood of disease, essentially turning tainted cups into pure sustenance. While this ability helps them feed off any vessel without fear, it also ties them to their brethern, who (as Plagued Vampires) can be affected by diseases.
  • Curb the Hunger: Finally, all vampires of the Hamia line are able to use blood to its fullest effect, and survive by feeding substantially less then their peers. An issue with this arises as Hamia age though, as elders begin to lose the ability to survive on mortal blood alone, and begin preying on other vampires…


  • Picky Eaters: Hamia vamps, because of their connection to blood, also develop a taste for certain types. This isn't necessarily linked to blood type, but more a generalization of the humans they feed upon. (ie virgins, drug users, blue-bloods) This facet develops when the vampire is Turned, and becomes restricting within the first five years. Hamia are careful to conceal their preferred prey, as it can also be used against them…
  • Elder Predators: As mentioned above, Hamia elders can only survive on the blood of other vampires. This is a closely guarded secret of the clan, and one not even known to the other clans at large. Generally this develops around the 250 year mark, growing increasingly worse with time. Many vampires will enter a voluntary catatonic stupor at this point, thinning their blood (and power) in order to curb the hunger and be able to feed on humans once more.
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