Heavenly Choirs

The Heavenly Choirs of The Divine



Nobody is exactly sure where the angels come from or why they exist. There are various myths, stories and theories of different deities that greated them as servants with "God" being the most popular. In truth however, even the angels don't really know the answer, they are aware that there is something but they're not sure who/what that something is.

The closest they ever get knowing is the curious YHVH network that all Angels of all kinds are connected to; it functions as something of a universal hive mind that all angels share, linking them all to others of their choir and then all the choirs to eachother. Thoughts, knowledge and ideas flow freely through the network and pass from one angel to the next, uniting them beyond what most other creatures could ever imagine. Sometimes, an outside force will affect the network and this is usually believed to be the "Voice of God" but nothing has ever been confirmed. Cherubim are particularly vulnerable to "Voice of God" sydrome and the Seraphim seemingly act as routers for the network to flow through. The YHVH Network is also what lead to ideas of having no free-will. The connection to others of their choir affects their minds and causes similar angels to become more similar to eachother as thoughts are shared and become one; it is not that they lack free-will, it's more that they have free-will and just choose to ignore it for the most part as being a part of something more is far more appealing to them.

Unique Angels are still connected to the YHVH Network but to a lesser extent. They are capable of sending all their thoughts to the network and can perceive the network if they want but are not directly affected by it like the Choirs, however they are also the most known to experience "Voice of God" syndrome.

There are also rare cases in which and angel will become 'disconnected' and can lead to very unusual results. Upon being disconnected from the YHVH network and Angel's form will become locked, usually resulting in the mortal form but with traits of their true form (such as an Arch-Angel looking like a human with red skin and red wings) and they will loose almost all of their memories with some even forgetting they were angels in the first place. The sudden 'silence' of being disconnected drives most insane and they kill themselves but some manage to cope and take on a new life, though many that survive try to become reconnected but never succeed. However it is believed that the Unique Angels were once those that became disconnected and somehow managed to reconnect.


Roughly 99% of the Angels fall into one of the nine choirs. These are specific ranks with their own tasks in regard to mortality and the other angels. Commonly, people think of them as beautiful winged humans, this is only half true; all the choir angels have two forms, one for dealing with the mortal world and their true form which they use for celestial matters.

The first and most common choir is the basic Angels. Their role is to watch over all of humanity, as such, there is one Angel in existance for every human; if the human dies, the angel dies, if a human is born then an angel appears. A combination of their job and their reliance on their chosen human can lead to three distinct outlooks - They either guard the human with their life beyond all reason, develope a detatched professional apathy or turn suicidal and disgusted with their human and try to kill them.

Most people have seen them in their more human form where they appear as a beautiful winged human of opposite gender to their human and usually clad in white robes. Their real form however is lanky, hairless and androgynus with a two faced head (one on the front, on one the back) that can swivel around on their neck.

The next choir and far less frequent than the standard Angels are those of the Arch Choir, guardians of all the world's cities and towns. Upon the creation of a new city/town an Arch is created to watch over it and work to prevent it's destruction. Sadly however they care more about the location than the people in it with many of them willing to kill every person who lives there if it would save it.

Their 'mortal' form appears as a tall, proud human in a suit of glorious armor and a pair of metalic coloured wings, each Arch also carries a melee weapon of choice (usually a sword or mace). Their true form is a hairless, red skinned humanoid with three golden eyes and their wings growing from their head; they all appear masculine but still lack gender.

A smaller again faction of angels that or given the task of overseeing the world governments. Their own health and personality is directly tied to that of their associated government, a corrupt government in a failing country will lead to sick, cruel and evil Principality while a honest government in a successful country will lead to heathly and caring Principlality.

To mortals they appear as a noble person with black wings, green and gold robes and carrying a sceptre while wearing a crown. Their real form looks like a hairless, golden skinned humanoid with a crown of horns and four wings growing from their hips (two at the front, two at the back), they also have no eyes and are covered in tiny black symbols.

The record keepers and historians of the lower ranked choirs. They tend to end up as mindless book-keepers, loosing more and more individuality as time goes on, forgetting themselves and only remembering the actions of others; there is even one rumor of a Power that developed multiple personalities and ran off.

Their form for dealing with mortals resembles as standard angel but dressed in black robes and always carrying a book in hand. At this point in the choirs, their true form starts to become more abstract and bizarre. A Power's real form appears as a huge, floating book that is open in the middle with a weak, palid humanoid trapped in the middle, bound in place my ribbons of living text.

The enforcers of Angelic law who serve under the Dominions to make sure that the other choirs stay on track and complete their duties; Dominions are the carrot but the Virtues are the stick! They will execute those who fall from grace and force those who stray back on the path. Virtues range from aloof and detached to complete sadists who enjoy the slaughter of their own kind.

When appearing before mortals, they appear as tall, glorious humans cald in ornate white armor with an intricate golden trim and carrying a silver claymore, they have four white wings growing from their back and glowing golden eyes. Their true form however is a little more bizarre, a pure white creature with four arms and four eyes with their whole bodies engulfed in a golden light. They are also somewhat disturbing as their heart is formed on the outside of the body and they have a set of wings with feathers formed from quivering blades.

The overseers of the other choirs who keep track of all their actions and makes sure they stay true to their duties and do not stray. When one begins to leave the righteous path, the Dominions will convince them to return and make sure the angel stays happy and one task. Their job is to convince and to convert while letting the Virtues take the easy option of killing them when manipulation fails.

Their more pleasant for resembles a tall, wise looking human adorned with ornate, purple, priestly robes and an orb of golden light orbiting their head. Their true form is a faceless, crystaline humanoid stood in a pose with their arms wrapped around themselves and their feet fused together. Within the crystal form a beating heart can be seen and a ball of purple constantly swirls around the angel's body.

The highest ranking of Angel to deal with others is the curious Elohim, the leaders and generals of the Choirs. When the choirs unite, the Elohim are there, when they were called to war against the Fallen, the Elohim were there to lead them into battle. They are instructors and inspirational figures amongst the choirs.

In our world they appear as dark skinned humans with black, hooded robes with flaming eyes; they usually appear standing on a large wooden wheel. In truth they are one of the strangest choirs, resembling a wooden, spoked wheel that is covered in eyes and the wheel is engulfed in flame and constantly spinning; older, more powerful Elohim resemble multiple, interlocked wheels with the oldest being a circular chain of 20 wheels.

Perhaps one of the most confusing Choirs, they claim to be direct servants of god's will, however, as most angels aren't allowed to know of god's will, it can lead to some interesting interactions. Normally they just hang around doing nothing before suddenly being overcome by some near insane, fanatical devotion to a task that seemingly appears in their mind. They are certainly the most chaotic of the choirs.

To the mortals, they appear of pure young children (usually no older than 12) with a pair of small, white wings and usually wearing a loose white robes. There real for is also amongst the most disturbing, a cluster of random faces, both human and animal, all fused around a burning sphere with wings jutting out randomly from between the faces, they speak with 1'000 voices in harmony and spin at incredible speeds when not talking.

The last of the choirs, the Seraphim are the voice of god and the central hub of the YHVH network that links all the choirs together. They thrive off of order and work to unite all the choirs and their members together to ensure unity and organization, they are even known to bring the Cherubim back in line when they start acting strange.

Their mortal form is that of an 10 foot tall, glorious looking human of supernatural beauty with 6, gigantic white wings growing from their back. Their real form is the most bizarre of all the choirs, their form is topped with four heads (facing in each direction) with two horms each and a metal halo spinninng between all the horns. This then goes down to a long neck that seemingly vanishes into a swirling mass of wings that seems to many to count; from amongst the mass of wings sword weilding arms will lash out. Supposedly their true body is a huge serpantine form that is covered with wings and arms that they wrap up into a ball and will only unravel when the time is right.

Unique Angels

Metatron - The Voice of Heaven

Sandalphon - The Ears of Heaven

Jibraaiyl - Angel of Revelation

Israfil - The Trumpeter

Mikaaiyl - Bringer of Mercy

Azraaiyl - Death

Satan - Judgement Made Manifest

Dumah - The Silencer

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