Helen White Thorn Keating

Name: Helen White-Thorn Keating
Codename: Ivory
Age: 34
Position: Teacher of Music
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 132 lbs
Hair color: Red/brown, always messy
Eye color: Deep blue
Build: Skinny and fit, a little flat-chested

Inanimate psychometry – Helen knows everything there is to know about the past and present of an object when she makes physical contact with it. However, she cannot see into the future, read organic beings, dead or alive, or access data system. In its range of use, nevertheless, Helen’s psychometry is so powerful that it borders intuitive aptitude, as she instantly learns not only the exact nature and complexity of the object she touches, but also how to use it. In addition, no amount of psychic or magical power placed on the object can prevent her from reading it, and she is resistant to whatever defense mechanism made to harm the reader such as curses or mental backlash. She can also control this power consciously, allowing her to read things in various degrees and skim through their history for the information she needs.
Degrees in Criminal Justice, Crime Scene Investigation and Psychology.
Peak human physical condition.

Character Biography:
Graduating from university in San Francisco with outstanding record, Helen Keating immediately applies to join the police force. With her efficient working method and keen intellect, she was quickly appointed as a crime scene investigator despite her short time of service. And even though she could easily advance much higher, Helen was content with her position as a detective, working with local criminal cases. It was during these years of service that her power started to manifest. At first it only gave her flashes of image of what happened when touching objects at the crime scenes. Gradually, these mental images became stronger, longer and more detailed, and there were not only images, but also information appearing in her mind as if she had known them all along. Though she did not understand why, instead of freaking out, like a professional she was Helen quickly made use of this knowledge to comprehend what happened at the scene, identify the criminal and solve the crime. While her power expanded exponentially, Helen also mastered the control of it before it could control her, and in merely a year’s time no criminal could evade her.

Helen’s talent did not go unnoticed. She was soon contacted by the FBI and recruited as a special agent. Under the codename of Ivory, she had co-operated with many government agents and organizations, including superheroes against crimes, primarily in the West Coast. Her presence had been instrumental in the solving of many cases involving the supernatural and metahumans, where normal investigation had come to a dead-end. Soon her presence and involvement in the metahuman affairs became known and respected among the FBI and the superhero party alike.

At the age of 30, however, Helen decided that she had had her fair share of crimes and murders, and that she wanted to do something else for her life. However, after her resignation Helen discovered that due to her previous reputation she could not simply retire to a normal life, as she would be constantly pursued by the shadow organizations and individuals whose activities she had foiled many times before. Not wanting to be associated with the government again, Helen contacted the West Coast Academy, with whom she had encountered and worked with several times when she was still an agent. Helen now works as the school’s teacher of Music (for she loved music and with her power she could understand and play any instrument). Under the protection of the Academy, she now has the chance to live a different life and pursue a new passion for art.

Personality: Ms. Keating is a cheerful and optimistic person. She is patient, full of inspiration and always has time for her students. She has a way of teaching and explaining things (mostly musical instruments) that is easy for anyone to understand. Despite being an absolutely brilliant musician, she never seems to be dreamy or spontaneous enough to be a typical artist. In fact she is very attentive to small details, and sometimes would let it slip that she is a lot sharper and darker beneath than she looks.

“Okay now, place your fingers on the keyboard like this, feel it, let it guide y…Oh my goodness what did they do on this piano?”

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