The small town of Hope, Idaho

The small town of Hope is the closest town to the Academy's West Coast campus, and its isolated, rural location helps keep even the wildest speculation in check.


The classic 'small town with a secret', Hope has long been a secretive refuge for those metas who just want to live a normal life in peace without the world criticizing or fearing them. While the populace has varied wildly and notably decreased over the years as more and more news about metas has become prevalent, there remains a core group of supporters that make up the town's backbone, and their loyalty and support made the nearby forested areas a perfect choice when the need for another Academy campus sprung up a few years ago.


Many metahumans, along with a few aliens and others, call this small town home and often make up a majority of the populace, those this trend has declined in recent years. Still, there remains a good portion of metas in the area, and many live quiet lives in relative peace with their non-powered offspring and relatives.

While still a small town, unusual things tend to happen often enough - and with most of the populace content to lead normal lives, practicing heroes like the teens of the Academy are more than welcome when it comes to stopping the odd supervillian threat or bank robbery.

Hope, Idaho 20XX
General Statistics
Population 296
Land Area 1 mi2 (2.6km2)
Water Area 3%
Current Data
County Bonner
Time Zone PST
Zip Code 83836
Area Code 208
Secret Stats
Metahuman Populace 73
Alien 19
Mystic Creature 13
Pandimensional 2
Other 1

Locales of Note

  • Omnics' Body Shop - The female mechanic with a cybernetic leg has become legend for her ability to fix anything, no matter how complex or alien.
  • Stoneworks by Brent Harris - A large stone boy seeking inner peace has created a masterpiece of garden and habitat in this castle-sized store.
  • Tasker's Gym - One of the on and off again instructors from the Academy has founded yet another of his secretive training warehouses near the newest campus.
  • 'The Delinquent' Cafe - featured meeting place of the West Coast Academy Team Lanius.

Notable NPCs from Hope

Markus Richards
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Brown
Ethnicity: Caucasian

A civilian in the city of hope, Markus Richards is a sweet, down to earth,slightly laid back young boy who quiet often partakes in small trips to the academy to meet with the students there, more often then not he can be found sitting out in the courtyard of the academy, a smile ten miles wide on his face and a blade of wheat in his mouth,while technically not a student, Markus tends to be allowed to come and go as he pleases, often a helpful "normal guy" voice to provide some perspective on the students lives.

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