Nature Provides.
Nature Provides.
Clan Info
Clan Name: Hule
aka: Clan of Forest; Fairies, Hippies, treehuggers… you get the idea.
Origin: Plagued
Founder: Nicander
Established: approx. 850 A.D.
No. of Members: Unknown, all were presumed destroyed in the aftermath of the Second Vampire War.
Current Leader: Unknown, if any survive.
Additional Info
Base of Operations: Formerly Northern Russia
Minor Bloodlines: Two; and technically the Tephra.
Known Powers and Abilities
Dominion over Forest.



The Forest Clan, or Hule, were a fairly peaceful clan with no ties to the outside world. They shunned society, instead living in harmony with nature and defending their forests from encroachment. Many tales of haunted forests, (Like Sherwood in Robin Hood lore) are actually settlements of Hule vampires defending their turf.

All of this came to an end shortly during the end of the Second Vampire War, when the Clan of Animal, Zoion, decided to take what they thought rightfully theirs, and claim the forests for themselves. The Hule were obliterated almost uniformly, and only rumors of survivors are heard from afterward.

In these modern nights though, rumors have resurfaced of the powerful Ash Clan, and their uncanny ability to mimic several Hule powers as well as those of the Zoion clan…


Hule vampires can easily pass for mortal, just like any other Plagued vampire. However, Hule always have a sense of unease in the presence of mortals, especially large groups, and this serves to make mortals believe Hule are shifty, alienated creatures, which is as close to the truth as they'll ever know.

Powers & Abilities:

Most of the Hule clan powers have been lost to time, but they are worth mentioning:

  • Blood Binding: The Forest Clan can bind insects to their will, usually letting such creatures feed upon tiny drops of their blood. They serve as scouts and messengers mostly, though occasionally Hule have been shown to summon entire swarms of stinging creatures to serve as a distraction.
  • Blood Fortitude: Hule vampires can burn blood to become as tough as ancient oak, with a few of the now-dead elders able to withstand sunlight, if only for a short time. Generally nowadays, a Hule would be able to shrug off bullets and blades with ease… not that there are any Hule nowadays…
  • Call Nature: The actual power that binds them to the Forests, Hule have an uncanny ability with all things Natural. Most commonly seen with insects, Hule can use this to summon any native insects or non-mammal creatures and control them through sheer willpower.
  • Encourage Growth: All Hule are possessed of a 'green thumb' which allows them to actually keep plantlife alive, unlike those of other vamps, which usually cause plant life to rapidly decay. Elder Hule can even bend nature to their will, encouraging plants to rise up and assist in their defense.
  • One with the Earth: Elder Hule are tied to the world in a way they cannot put into words, and the Earth actually welcomes them as well. While on a patch of bare earth that would reasonably fit the vampire, a Hule can actually sink within it, using the Earth to hide from attackers or escape the sun. The true effects of this power leave them about ten feet beneath the surface, and especially dedicated hunters can extract them by digging them up.


  • Animal Blood: Like the Zoion, Hule can survive on the blood of animals. Their limitation comes with a simple prayer, that MUST be given anytime a life is taken. (They do not need to slay one a day like the Zoion.) This prayer thanks the Earth for it's bounty, and is done as a gesture of respect for the protection the Earth offers them. Those who take from an animal without this prayer begin to suffer delusions of the world turned upon them, such as birds randomly attacking or swarms of stinging insects biting at their flesh.
  • Earth Bound: All Hule must sleep with some part of their native earth. Most are extremely territorial because of this, though the innovative have been known to fill boxes or sacks full of their native earth to take with them on trips. Hule who are caught at sunrise without their native earth cannot find rest, and will gradually slip into insanity before too long.
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