Jackson Dunmar
Wear-Bear Care
Wear-Bear Care
Jackson Dunmar
Personal Data
Real Name: Jackson Dunmar
Known Aliases: Kodiak
Age: 17
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 280lbs
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Place of Birth: Undisclosed
Base of Operations: Undisclosed
Known Relatives: Christopher Dunmar (Father}
Alexis Dunmar (Mother)
Known Powers


Jackson Dunmar II is the first born to Kathryn and Jackson Dunmar Sr, whose family lineage reaches as far back as the Knights of Old themselves. He is also cursed/blessed with a form of Lycanthropy, a disease which allows him to change between human and a massive Werebear.


The day that Christopher Dunmar went to Medical school was a proud one for his family. The Dunmar family boys had always been doctors, stretching back since before the civil war, and Chris was happy to become the next Dunmar Doctor. His Father had instilled in him from early on the desire to help others, which was one of his family's most sacred values next to honor and loyalty. Chris arrived at Med school and immediately applied himself, eager to learn everything he could and to get out into the field. His attention became happily divided in his second year, however, when his former lab partner dropped out, to be replaced by one Alexis Louis. Her passion for medicine even outweighed Chris', and was partially what atracted him to her.

The month's spent as lab partners grew into friendship, and the months of friendship grew into a relationship. During their final few years of Medical school, they began volunteering at a local Clinc. It was here that Chris and Lexi decided to forgo lucrative careers in the medical field and use their training to run their own clinc, helping out the people who needed it the most: those who simply couldn't afford it. A week after Graduation Chris and Lexi were married in a small ceremony on the beach at his cousin's resort, where they also spent their honeymoon. In the following years Chris and Lexi first worked at, then later opened, their own clinc. They only earned a modest living but they helped hundreds of people.

Then along came Jackson, an unplanned but happy addition to the Dunmar duo. Chris hired some help at the clinc so Lexi could stay home and care for Jack. Jack's childhood was a happy one. Though they didn't have a lot materially, he had his parents, which was more than most kids his age. When he was old enough, and Lexi needed to return to work, Jack spent much of his non-school hours in the Clinc helping his parents wherever he could. Jack loved going around and talking to people, and the patients loved having his soothing presence around. The only thing Jack loved at the clinc more than helping people was the free suckers.

One day, while Jack was enjoying a sucker, Mrs. Hawk came in with a girl Jack had never seen before. The Hawks were the Dunmar's next door neighbors, which was why Jack found it strange that he hadn't seen this girl before. As it turns out, the girl was Mrs. Hawk's neice who had just come to live with them after her parents had both died in a car accident. Her name was Hailey, and Jack being Jack walked over to her and handed her a Sucker. She took it and smiled as they took her back to the examining room. After that, they quickly became inseperable and Jack doesn't have a memory of those years that didn't include his best friend.

Entering Highschool changed everything.

In some ways change was good, in others it was horrifyingly bad. On the good side, five years of friendship blossomed into something more for Jack and Hailey. For a year everything seemed to be going perfect, but some good things weren't meant to last. Jack had planned something special for their one year aniversary, which was more than most guys did who were twice his age. The dinner at McDowell's had went well and they were on to the moonlite walk through the park when dissaster struck. Two guys jumped Jack from behind, knocking him to the ground while a third kept him there with a boot to his throat. Jack recognized them, Aaron and his posse, the School bulleys and all in the Seinor class. Jack, who had been filling out quite nicely of late, stopped Aaron from harassing a girl in school. Jack knew what Aaron had wanted and it disgusted him, and after Aaron had landed the first blow on her Jack had had more than enough. In hindsight he probably should have just let the principal handle it. Aaron sneered at Jack, who was still on the ground, holding Holly firmly by both arms. Apparently Aaron wanted to teach him a lesson, and did to Hailey what Jack had stopped him from doing to the other girl. Jack struggled but the boot remained firm, his air ways nearly closed. He could hear screaming and vicious laughter as he blacked out. Jack couldn't remember what happened next, only the distinct smell of fear and of blood and an unsettling feeling of enjoyment. His next memory was standing outside his family's clinc, crying and holding Hailey in his arms. She was crying as well and her clothes were all torn.

Hailey never spoke to him again, in fact she disappeared a few months after that, but Jack could see the hatred in her eyes. The town was all abuzz with the event, and the gossip of animal sightings and the missing Seinors. Jack just wanted to forget.

A few months later the town was again abuzz, though this time about their sister town and the devestation caused by the supervillian Mindtrapp who had caused the civillians and even some heroes to turn on each other, nearly ripping the town completely apart. Jack and his parents were amoung the first on the scene once the danger had past, attending to the wounded. One of Jack's personal heroes, The Guardian, was there, and had been one of the ones to finally end Mindtrapp's reign of terror. After many hours treating wounded patient and nearly exhausted to the point of falling over, the Dunmar's headed home. the next day during breakfast, the family was interupted by a visit from The Gaurdian. His telepathic powers had apparently picked up on Jack's 'uniqueness', and he informed them of a special school for superpowered teens. Jack didn't believe that he had special powers, but The Guardian left them the contact information anyways. For weeks Jack tried to find his powers again, with little success. Once he did discover them again, it took the rest of the summer to learn how to get a grip on them. In the fall his parents contacted the school, though on their limited income they didn't know how they could afford tuition. They eventually worked out a deal to render Medical services in exchange for Jack's scholorship.

Now Jack carries on the Family tradition of helping others, though in his own way.

Personality and Appearance: Laid back, doesn't take offense easily (unless someone hurts his friends), Friendly, Good Hearted, sense of Honor and a good sense of humor. He's a very loyal person to his friends. If he sees a problem he wants to take care of it. He's quiet, a little shy at first, but occasionaly comes up with something funny. He likes to watch the interactions of the people around him, very thoughtful. He's overly trusting and will do anything for anybody. He's very forgiving, and usually forgets whatever happened. Due to his bear genes he is extremely muscled and well built, hard to knock over.

Personality and Appearance

Laid back, doesn't take offense easily (unless someone hurts his friends), Friendly, Good Hearted, sense of Honor and loyalty. Can be quite shy around new people (especially girls), good sense of humor. He's a very loyal person to his friends. He doesn't like to kill, in fact he's not a violent person. If he sees a problem he wants to take care of it. He's quiet, a little shy at first, but occasionaly comes up with something funny. He likes to watch the interactions of the people around him, very thoughtful. He's overly trusting and will do anything for anybody. He's very forgiving, and usually forgets whatever happened. Due to his bear genes he is extremely muscled and well built, hard to knock over.

Jack has very high moral standards and prefers to wait until marriage, a goal of his. He likes girls and hopes to find someone special at some point, but he doesn’t really think anyone could ever like him. He hates people playing with other’s emotions and does his best not to either. He can certainly fight, but he has a soft spot for girls. He gets attached easily and wants to make them feel special, especially if he ever had a girlfriend. He's a genuinely nice guy who turns into a bear, but wishes he could do more for people, even though he does a lot already. He's kind and caring, a good listener, puts others first, majorly under values himself.

Powers and Abilities

Jack is a Werebear and as such he has incredible strength, healing powers and other abilites associated with bears, such as razor sharp claws and a Roar that can inflict deafness and blindness.


Human, when not morphed he is just as mortal as a normal kid. When morphed he is quite massive. He is not much faster than a human when on two legs. Constantly needs to eat because of a higher metabolism and being part bear, he likes to sleep.

Things of Note

1. Lycanthropy
(Size/Shape Manipulation, Super Strength*, Super Jump)
2. Regeneration
(Rapid Healing*, Partial Invulnerability)
3. Enhanced Senses
(Sight, Sound, Smell)
4. Bearserker State
(Optimal Performance, Heavy Fatigue, Animal Instincts)
5. Predatory Instincts


Seven: Jack likes Seven and respects him greatly, looking up to him in some ways

Gen: Jack won’t deny that she’s hot, but from some of the rumors he’s heard, he knows she’s off limits. :P

Lily: Lily is a sweet and pretty girl and one of Jack’s closest friends. He knows she can be a little shy so he always takes care to consider her feelings as much as possible. He would never do anything to hurt her.

Giga: Jack hasn’t met Giga much, but he does find him extremely funny.

Xander: A bit of a rush, but Xandy seems like a cool guy.

Blake: He was cold at first to Jack at first, but Jack still has respect for the kid and knows that beneath his rough exterior, there’s a good heart.

Nathan: A good kid, if timid.

Hoshi: Jack immediately liked Hoshi and it seems made it his mission to help the guy get over his nervousness. Jack sees a great friend in Hoshi, and knows he’ll be a great hero.

Sharra: Jack and Sharra have passed each other in the halls, although he’s never met her personally he can feel the fire burning inside her. Even from afar he likes something about Sharra, especially her hair.

Shawn: A good guy and easy to get along with, Jack hasn’t spent much time with him though.

Cleo: Jack likes Cleo a lot and they are great buddies. He feels extremely comfortable around her and can tell her anything.

Alex: Will never understands what she sees in Maerik. In Jack’s opinion she could do a lot better. But he doesn’t know her very well. She seems like a great girl.

Maerik: Sometimes he seems like an ok guy. Sometimes he’s a bit too cheesy, though Jack knows he himself can be cheesy at times. He doesn’t understand how Maerik ended up with Alex, but he hopes that he doesn’t mess up and hopes Maerik isn’t playing.

Rio: Jack hasn’t met him personally, but already hates him. He can’t stand bullies.

Lexi: A nice, if sometimes crazy girl who is one of Jack’s friends. Hot, but sometimes Jack worries about how frail she appears.

Jason: Jack hasn’t interacted with Jason much, but he seems to be the team leader, and for that Jack gives him respect. Oddly enough Jack doesn’t mind old war stories either…

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