Jacob Franz
Second in Command
Second in Command
Jacob Franz
Personal Data
Real Name: Jacob Franz
Known Aliases: Grand-Slam
Age: 27
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 60kg
Hair Colour: Light Brown
Eye Colour: Bright Green
Biographical Data
Nationality: French Canadian
Place of Birth: Gatineau, Quebec
Base of Operations: Where he's needed
Known Relatives: Carl Lennox (Second Cousin, Twice Removed)
Known Powers
Focused Seismic Control, Stone Skin


A surly, French Canadian and former soldier who utilizes his earth oriented powers to devestating effects.



Jacob's equipment relies on padded armor plating with a heavy tactical vest; this armor set is intended to protect him form direct impact which his powers don't protect against and to make him look larger than he actualyl is. Overall his equipment set is fairly basic with weaponry being only an assault rifle and a back-up pistol; prefering to use his powers to achieve his end goal.

Powers & Abilities

Focused Seismic Control (F.S.C) - By maintaining physical contact with the ground, Jacob can cause rapid shifts in surrounding earth. These manifest as either a several meter radius Earthquake or a direct line of seismic activity aimed at a target. He usualyl triggers these by slamming his fists into the ground.

Stone Skin - With concentration, Jacob can turn his skin into a form of dense, yet still flexible stone with a similar make-up to black-marble. This prevents harm from most forms of bladed weaponry and certain environmental hazards (stone doesn't burn like flesh, etc). However, this onl affects his skin, leaving bone, organs and muscle tissue unchanged; this means he is still highly vulnerable to certain forms of attack.


- Jacob is the only member who initially refused to have a codename, refering to the very concept of one as "A peice of G.I Wannabe trash". As such he was given the codename "Grand-Slam" by his fellow squad members; a title which he absolutely hates.

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