Jeanne Rose Dumont
"never trust that smile. That smile means you're just //moments// from being humiliated."
"never trust that smile. That smile means you're just moments from being humiliated."
Personal Data
Real Name: Jeanne-Rose Dumont
Known Aliases: {$aliases}
Age: 17
Height: 5' 1"
Weight: 113 lbs
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: French
Place of Birth: Bordeaux, France
Base of Operations: Bordeaux, France
Known Relatives: Landry-hubert Dumont, Father
Eleonore Dumont, Mother
Known Powers
shadow walking





Born to the famous archeologist-explorer Landry-Hubert Dumont and his wife, Eleonore, Jeanne inherited a natural fool-hardy attitude and a string taste for adventure. Like most children born into moderate wealth she attended the Bordeaux boarding school for girls. It was there she learned scholarly skills like how to read and write on top of how to avoid groups of very alert people actively searching for anything amiss.

Every summer her father would, in no small part due to her inssesint begging, take her along on some of his adventures into the ruins of the past. these were normally boring and mudane outings with few puzzles or traps like those in the movies. on her seventh birthday, however, Landry recieved news of a new site in northern England. the site was unremarkable as lost ruins go, a few images carved in the walls were out of place if the appearent age was correct, but nothing major. deeper into the old fort they found an incrediable deep pit, assumed to act as a form of dungeon, when…catastrophe struck! the platform leading over it, which neither was standing on, broke and fell into darkness trailing lengths of rope behind it.

As it always goes in these stories, the rope snags both adventurers and drags the with it into the blackness. Jeanne woke to a soft glow bathing the surrounding area and in a pale blue reaveling a elderly man hovering cross legged before her. ignoring the man she checked her father to only find he had suffered a strong blow to the head and multible cuts.when she finally acknoledged him the man calmly told her of what happened, where she is, that there is simply no way out and that her father didn't have much time left and needed serious aid now. after letting the normal time for despair to set in he then offered her a deal; he would save them both and return them home if she would grant him a single favour. when she asked what the favour was he laughed and told her he hadn't decided yet. not seeing any real alternative she accepted. a smile showing too many teeth spread across the mans face as they shook hands and Jeanne faded once more into darkness

True to his word both father and daughter found themselves safe in their beds and for the next week or so all was fine. then the mysterious man appeared again and told Jeanne that he decided on the favour he'd ask. "there is a special school where they train those with unique powers. i ask that you attend there and learn what you can." after a moment of thought, "ofcourse you're going to need something amazing about yourself to fit in. so let me think. ah i know, i bestow apon you the power of the shadows. let their embrace hide you and their presence give you speed. oh and take these, they might be handy" and throwing a small box into her hands he gave a merry laugh and again was gone. in another week a letter confirming her enrollment arrived even though her father couldn't understand how they knew so quickly.

…and so begins the misadventures of a poor girl seeking excitment and hoping to get through this alive.

Things of Note:

1) Shadow walk
(teleport, shadow meld)

2) athletics
(acrobatic, fast)

3) Fae pact
(resist menal commands, resist mind reading)

4) sneaky
(move silent, hide, blend in group)

5) fae agent
(sleep darts)

Powers & Abilities:

Shadow Walk:

- Teleport: treating shadows like doorways it's possible for Jeanne to travel quickly from one area to another through these 'doors'. Jumps are based off her familiarity with the area in question, if she has never been to a place the she will have to guess at it's location and appropriate exit shadow. a viable shadow for her to step through must be large enough for her to fit in , wether standing up right or crawling. if no viable shadows are present in where she exits she is instead dumped in the closest shadow that meets the requirements.

- shadow meld: performing a teleport halfway causes Jeanne to simply occupy the shadow she entered rendering her mostly invisible.

Additional Info:

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