When you take the time to look back, which side of the cage do you think you will be on?
When you take the time to look back, which side of the cage do you think you will be on?
Joanna the Free
Personal Data
Real Name: Joanna
Known Aliases: The Blue Bird, Mabus' Angel
Age: N/A
Height: 5'5"
Weight: A Lady never tells!
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: Spanish
Place of Birth: Madrigal de las Altas Torres, Spain
Base of Operations: House of Trastámara
Known Relatives: "Father": Mabus
"Sister": Mary
Known Powers
Cursed Vampirism, Demon Magic, Vast Wealth and Knowledge



In life Joanna was a princess. The daughter of Isabella I of Castile, Joanna grew up living the life of privilege. She was the third born daughter, following an older brother and sister. She was an intelligent child and a student of the arts. She was tutored by Beatriz Galindo during the day and Dominican priest Andres de Miranda at night. She knew much of religious studies, court etiquette, dance, music and equestrian skills. She learned all of the languages of her people and her neighbors. She was being bred for a marriage that would unite her kingdom increasing the power and influence of her house to the borders of their country. This union would solidify Spain's place as a major superpower of the time.

She had great relationships with her family and teachers. She was especially fond of her brother. Her brother would be king and this gave her a certain admiration for him. Her actions would allow him to rule a united country in peace and prosperity. She loved her brother and felt this would be the greatest gift she could give him. On her 15th birthday her brother gave her a present, a blue bird the shade of her beautiful blue eyes. The gift melted her heart, it was more than just a kind gesture it was a symbol of the relationship they were both aware of at some level. He was basically handing her, her freedom, reflected in the beautiful caged bird. His decision to be king was just as much his choice as her decision to be the negotiating piece of the united country.

All of this pressure, all of this training, to be used as a negotiation tool. Nothing in her life was of her own decision. She became empty and jaded overtime, hopelessly acceptant of the importance of her fate. She had no control over her own life, she was a prisoner of her destiny. Caged like the blue bird at her windowsill. The world, freedom, just out of her reach. She saw no alternative until one night when her teacher Andres made her a suspicious offer. He told her that he could make it so her name lived as the great Queen who united Spain for eternity and that she would live to witness the glory of her deeds for just as long. She was third in line for the throne, what could he mean she would be queen? She refused his offer, initially, suspicious of what he meant with this sudden proposition. She turned from him, he left her to her own deliberation. The seed had been planted and he was a patient man. One could only deny their own freedom for so long before falling to their own selfish desire. He had been building her all of her life, he knew how to break her.

His desire came true with the death of her brother. In a single act of weakness Joanna pleaded to Andreas. She wanted freedom, more than anything. As queen, her word would be law. What more could one want? This was the unfortunate scope of her view. Andreas accepted her agreement, and put his plans into work orchestrating the rise of the young princess. She did nothing as her family member's suddenly started dying around her. With every step Andreas took towards making her Queen Joanna had to look forward, look to her freedom; or else, she would be destroyed by the consequences of her arrangement. When it was time for her to assume the throne she was met with proper recognition and servitude. She ruled for a number of years at her father's side until the time came for her to be married off and assume the title proper.

The night before she was to meet her husband she went to the stables to meet with Andreas in hopes of confiding in and thanking him. He met her with apprehension. She was thanking him when he had not yet finished his end of the agreement. She knew not the depths of his deception and instead of spending the night with Andreas as she intended, he revealed his fangs. She was attacked and bitten, the blood sucked from her veins. Left for dead, she lay on the ground of her stable cold and broken.
For the first time in her life things were clear. This was freedom. This was eternity. That night she made a choice. She was not yet ready to give up what she had sacrificed so much for. She would witness her reign, yet.

The next day a woman bearing striking resemblance to Joanna in both manner and appearance was married to a man she had never met. Their union brought about the peaceful unification of their kingdoms making Spain into a global superpower. That night Joanna rose from her place in the stables and was met by the man she knew as Andreas. He then told her everything, that he was no mere mortal, and that now, no longer was she. Mabus the Deceiver, had used her to gain a hand in the rule of the Spanish monarchy. Her lookalike was a peasant girl he had found years ago and been grooming in parallel with Joanna. She would fulfill Joanna's duty as wife and tool in exchange for the opportunity to live life as a Queen. Joanna would be free from her obligations to the throne, free to live off the wealth of her replacement while not bound to her title, fate, and actions. She was given an eternity living the life she was denied growing up as a tool of her family.

Mabus groomed her into his ally, and would continue to make use of her throughout his unlife.

Message from Mabus

Joanna is often used as a spokesperson for Mabus while he is off on his "excursions". It is unknown why Mabus chose her, however, her position as his voice gave her a lot of power within their clan. Though she was not awarded leadership, she wanted it. It was her way of becoming free. With Mabus gone and Franz in a vulnerable position because of Mary's wrath the two sought to undo him. Now she leads as co-head of the clan with Mary at her side. Her experience far exceeds Mary's which generally makes her the highest rule. Mabus' most recent message has startled her in her new position and she refuses to share it with anyone.

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