Johnny Harper
Let's raise some hell!
Let's raise some hell!
Johnny Spyders
Personal Data
Real Name: Johnny Harper
Known Aliases: The Spyder
Age: 25
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 63kg
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Green
Biographical Data
Nationality: British
Place of Birth: London, England
Base of Operations: London
Known Relatives: NA
Known Powers
Computer Genius, Can Grow Extra Arms


A once infamous and creative hacker who plagued the Earth but now serves as the Computer Sciences Teacher for the West Coast Academy Campus as part of his retirement/punishment. At least it's better than a prison cell, right?


Nine years ago, half of the UK was victim to a mysterious hacker who went by the online handle of 'The Spyder'. He tore through everything in his path but never took the final malicious steps; he'd hack people's bank accounts and get all the way to the money but never take anything, then send the person an email saying he's changed their passwords and that he was looking for a real challenge…and that was just in the first few days.

Periodically, The Spyder would drop off the face of the planet and then when the world had forgotten about him, BAM! He's back and he's causing hell. The day they knew they had to stop him was when he emailed the President of the USA with the missile launch codes to his own missiles. But when they started to act, he vanished, like always.

The next time he showed up however was a little more interesting. A terrorist group known as 'New World Fire' had set up bombs all around London and held over 100 people hostage. Suddenly all their bombs were remotely diffused and all their communications knocked out in an instant. While the scrambled to figure out what happened they had all their GPS locations sent to the local superheroes on their cellphones (even the ones who hadn't revealed their identities to the public). With the group thwarted remotely, a single message appeared "The Spyder is Done, Come Get Me" and his location.

The government gave The Spyder a few options, most of which involved prison for life. But one option peeked his interest, life-long probation and an ankle brace while being forced to teach computer skills to super-powered students. To him, it sounded like fun and he still got to mess around, win-win!

Powers & Abilities

Most people around Britain still remember the both famous and infamous 'Spyder' for his computer skills. Johnny is a genius hacker who used a combination and extreme subtlety and extremely agressive methods he could rend his way through any form of computer security. Reverse engineering his own methods he was also a genius at preventing other people from getting past his own security measures.

What most people don't know is the power that got Johnny his nickname. Johnny has the ability to grow additional, fully developed and function arms from any part of his body, ranging from his torso to the top of his head and even growing off of his original arms. He can grow and disolve these limbs at will but the more he makes, the more he needs to eat to make up for it; usually consuming three times as much food as a normal person.


He still has the occasional flashback to his old ways and can get a little over excited at the idea of hacking the Pentagon and causing some real HELL! But usually catches himself and reels it back in leaving the students just a little more than terrified.

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