Kain LeVay
All those who stand before stand beside you as a consistent reminder of the work that lies ahead
All those who stand before stand beside you as a consistent reminder of the work that lies ahead
Master LeVay
Personal Data
Real Name: Kain LeVay
Known Aliases: Papal Lord LeVay
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'6
Weight: Unknown
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: A Deep Purple tinged
Biographical Data
Nationality: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Unknown
Known Relatives: Son: Anthony LeVay
Known Powers
Powerful Abjuration Magic, Vast Resources and Influence


A decrepit old man who requires the assistance of a heavily adorned cane; his wealth is worn among his robes. LeVay is capable of incredible break magic; some say he invented the entire school. LeVay’s history is shrouded in lies and inaccuracies leaving some to believe he’s lived beyond his years. Though LeVay may be immortal as some believe (and surely his followers), his motivations are to break open the Gates in which the Golden Gates church has formed. Whether this is a self-glorified quest to prove his powers, or a means for him to gain true immortality so that he can continue to enjoy his hubris for eternity, is unknown. His church teaches absolute-individualism. They find strength in their collective drive to better themselves individually, using each other as stepping stones and markers for which to continually surpass.


The Bronze Gates Church

Powers & Abilities

Abjuration Magic
Kain has knowledge of every spell in the school of Abjuration and has mastered most if not all of these spells.

Break Magic
The only known living practicer of what is now called "Break Magic". Originally developed by the founding sorceress Lilith, Break magic is a complex form of abjuration that disrupts and destabilizes anything, (including magic) at the molecular level. It works by breaking something down into its base components and scattering said components about, harmlessly. However, the user must know the composition of whatever it is they are trying to "break".

Break Bubble - Possibly the strongest defensive magic, the Break Bubble spell can be combined with any of the following break spells to form a protective cocoon of magic that will break down and destabilize anything of the component spells type that comes in contact with it.

Break Matter - Affects Matter

Break Energy - Affects Energy

Break Magic - Affects Magic


Kain is the grandfather of Alister LeVay from the NEXT timeline.

Kain's age has been lost to time, however some suggest that he may have been living back in the Age of Arthur, though such things can't be confirmed.

Some of his followers believe that he may have been taught his unique magic by Lilith herself.


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