Character Details

  • Name: Kamir
  • Aliases: The Ice Queen, Mistress Solitude
  • Age: A lady never tells
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight: A lady never tells
  • Eyes: Icy Blue
  • Hair: Black
  • Nationality: Afghan
  • Hometown: Kabul
  • Marital: Single, possibly widowed
  • Relatives: Deceased
  • Powers: Magic: Evocation, Illusion and Divination

Kamir is a cold old woman. She is headstrong and confident, a powerful combination. Currently she manages the isolated tower known as Atheneum, the Sacred Hold. It is her responsibility to manage and maintain this space, a responsibility that she takes very seriously. Kamir is rarely removed from her tower and clearly enjoys her solitude. The only person she allows to see her on a daily basis is her ward, Eric. Though she rarely leaves her quarters she is very capable of making her presence known. Through the use of her ice crystals she is capable of appearing anywhere and everywhere in her tower the ice becoming a kind of two-way mirror for her. She is capable of extending this ability over a great distance allowing her to appear in any reflective water surface.

Kamir appears ageless, seemingly retaining her prime appearance. Her methods remain unknown to this day and it is a secret she holds dear. Despite her isolation, she seems to hold a firm belief in the virtue of sacrifice. To her, sacrifice extends all the way to ones freedom, something she willingly relinquishes for her responsibility. As head of the Atheneum, she has a heavy burden placed on her shoulders. This tower is where the Church stores it's most arcane knowledge and most of it's original documents. This space also houses The Bronze Gate, a powerful source of magic hidden underneath it's icy ground. As such, the Atheneum is often feared to be in danger from members of the Bronze faith, though there has rarely been an effort against it.

Social Impact

Master - Virgil of the Black

Close - Eric


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