Our Curse is Our Calling.
Our Curse is Our Calling.
Clan Info
Clan Name: Kardia
aka: The Clan of Heart; Bleeders, Priests, derogatorily Reapers
Origin: Plagued
Founder: Aristarchus Kardia
Established: 800 A.D.
No. of Members: 357
Current Leader: Bella Morte
Additional Info
Base of Operations: Paris, France
Minor Bloodlines: Several.
Known Powers and Abilities
Dominion of the Heart



Kardia vampires, those of the Clan of Heart, are possibly the closest to retaining their mortality. They retain the passion for life other vampires lack, and seek to protect it whenever they can, even at the expense of their own immortality.


Kardia vamps can pass for mortal just as easily as most Plagued vampires. However, Kardia are especially adept at this disguise, even being able to mimic heartbeats and skin temperature. As such, they are exceptionally difficult to spot, and mortals have exactly NO reason not to believe they're human, actually being quite comfortable around them.

Powers & Abilities:

  • Blood Binding: Kardia vampires are capable of the blood bond to some degree, though as a rule they never use it. Mortality should be left to run its course, and they view other ghouls as aberrations.
  • Blood Burning: Kardia do not burn blood for advanced powers… instead, their blood gives them the 'blush of life', which allows them to maintain their deception and intermingle with the living. This is a sub-conscious act on their part: they can turn it off or on, and let it run as long as they need to. Because these effects usually burn less in general, Kardia can keep this guise running for days after a single feeding.
  • Soothe the Soul: Kardia have an unusual connection to humanity, in that they understand it. By doing so, Kardia can soothe hurt feelings and unease, generally getting mortals to be more comfortable around them. This ability has also been used to quiet the Frenzies Zoion vamps are capable of inducing, with the metaphysical struggle left to the strengths of the two opposing vampires.
  • Final Death: The ability all Kardia possess, one which they also refer to as their 'Calling'. Kardia can, through a ritual and a bit of blood, give true release to any creature. Mortals given to death by this method cannot be raised through any necromantic or vampiric power, ever. Quite simply, they ensure the soul meets its final destination. Though generally seen as bleeding hearts by other Clans, this power alone keeps those same Clans from teasing the Kardia too much, because a Vampire this power is turned upon is instantly, and irrevocably, destroyed.
  • Heart's Desire: The most powerful of the Kardia abilities, only a few elders have ever possessed this power in full, with lesser of the bloodline having more minor versions. In effect, a Kardia can look into the essence of another creature (vampire or mortal) and instantly know exactly what it is that creature desires more then anything else in the world. Useful enough information on its own, the Kardia vampire can do more if he actually possesses what that creature desires…

For example, if a creature wants nothing more then to be loved and cared for, the Kardia can provide this… but the power is a double-edged sword. If the Kardia completes the bond and offers up the creatures' desire, then the Kardia is bound to deliver on it. In the case of love, the Kardia suffers the exact amount of love in return, feeling the same feelings they bestow upon the recipient. In essence, if the creature wants a crush, then the Kardia has a crush… if it wants True Love, then the Kardia will feel True Love as well, going to any lengths to ensure that creature's happiness. Truly a power best used with extreme caution, the abilities of elder Kardia are the stuff of legends.


  • Consensual Feeder: Kardia vampires CANNOT take blood from unwilling victims. All donors have to be aware they are giving, and freely do so. With their other powers, this is rarely a problem, but a victim who changes his mind can instantly cut the Kardia off, which can be extremely problematic…
  • Heart's Desire: As mentioned above, Heart's Desire cuts both ways, and whatever the Kardia finds within the heart of another, if they provide it, will be suffered as well by the vampire itself.
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