Kelly Orchid Kline
Ms. Kline, acting calm
Ms. Kline, acting calm
Ms. Kline
Personal Data
Real Name: Ms. Kelly Kline
Known Aliases: Orchid
Age: 31
Height: 5' 9 1/2" (she's picky about that)
Weight: (you receive a piercing stare for asking)
Hair Colour: Purple (presumed dyed)
Eye Colour: Purple (presumed contacts)
Biographical Data
Nationality: Unknown
Place of Birth: "Here and there, dear"
Base of Operations: The Academy
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers


Ms. Kline is the current professor for classes in Drama and Art.


Much of Orchid’s past is unknown, since her story tends to change depending on who she tells it to. What is known is that she displays uncannily precise telekinetic powers, enough so that she can sculpt impressive sculptures out of steel or clay “without even dirtying my own hands luv”. Her clothing is always a guessing game, since it may be based on the current trend or something she maybe hoping to make one. She always dresses in hues of purple though, moving into blues and reds with ease. Never anything else. “Needs more COLOR darling!”

Orchid is also a masterful actor, only portraying whatever emotion she wishes to relay, but to an extreme. If she’s happy, it’s bubbly-giggly. If she’s angry, its all yelling and gestures, very over-the-top. But she is calculating behind her facades. Its always what she wants you to see. She is frequent winner in faculty poker game on Thursday nights.

Orchid comes off flaky mostly, and because of her creative story telling and consummate acting skills, is a natural storyteller. She’s also an excellent mimic with these abilities, and that, combined with her TK, makes her an artist of some renown. But for all her eccentricities, she’s not much more then the sum of other parts. She cant seem to keep a clear focus most of the time, and thus, she isn’t much of an artist in her own right. So, for now, she teaches, hoping that maybe the Art she will pass on is Inspiration.

"Listen child, I said more color! Just because you are painting a piece entitled "The Darkest Dread Of My Infinitely Anguished Soul" does not mean it can't have more bright vibrant and cheery color!"

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