Kid Vicious

Real Name: Unknown
AKA: Jhonni Rotten
Tommy Toxic

Body: 14
Mind: 647 years young
Ethnicity: Black (He's not American so DO NOT say "don't you mean African American" cuz i'll smack the taste out of your mouth)
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 225 lbs (He's more than a little pudgy)
Hair: Cornrowed, dyed platinum blonde
Eyes: Blue, blodshot
Birthplace: Honduras (Body), Romania (Mind)
Base of Operations: Constantly Bounces from nightclub to nightclub
Short Bio: The Favorite son of a powerful Warlock has spent the better part of one thousand years hopping from body to body living life like a member of the Jersey Shore. After being told that if he doesn't begin to pull his weight among the order of the Black Sunshine he'll stuck in his current body (One he took to be ironic)until it dies trapping him forever Kid Vicious has started to become more serious about furthering his order. He has taken a mysterious new bodyguard and is attempting to plan something big to impress the order.

Full Bio: His daddy is a bad mama jama. he rides on his coattails getting in fights and drinking eternity away.

Appearance: While his Appearance has shifted multiple times throughout the ages his current body is that of an overweight black boy. Along with his freshly dyed platinum blonde hair Kid tends to wear jeans and a white t shirt most of the time. while most members of the Black Sunshine stick to concealing their identity, even their existence, by using their dark robes and magic Kid goes out of the way to make sure he's noticed. He wears extravegent jewelry and flashes as much cash as possible.

Personality: Kid is a malignant narcisist. He thinks he is superior to everyone in almost every way. He is cocky to an unimaginable degree and is more prone to start a fight than even spencer.

Powers & Abilities: Having lived among the Black Sunshine Kid has developed several powerful spells that he mostly uses to show off. He can spit fireballs and travel instantly through shadow. His wounds heal quickly and his blood is boiling hot.

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