Kyrie Aelesion

Kyrie Aelesion. The super spunky super powered alien.

Character Details

  • Name: Kyrie Aelesion
  • Aliases: Volant
  • Age: 16
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight: 120
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Freakishly Long Blond
  • Nationality: Extraterrestrial
  • Hometown: Mobile (check band schedule)
  • Marital: Single
  • Relatives: Unknown
  • Powers: Kinetics

Kyrie is a humanoid alien from an unknown planet. The generic bullet-point out of the way, she tends to represent herself with a bubbly personality and a strong sense of irreverence. She has a tendency to make light of a situation in order to avoid the feelings of stress in herself and others, more content to spaz out or momentarily huff about something and bounce back to her usual happy mischief than let it linger more than an instant.

Her behavior is only superficially erratic however, as her thoughts are largely derived from a strong sense or pragmatism that tends to show more clearly when she's stressed for options. She tries her utmost to absolve conflicts with words and small displays to dissuade actual fights, but will ultimately rely on the strength of her powers if push comes to shove.

Her actual fighting capacity is a bit of a mystery due to her aversion to outright physical displays of force. Going so far as to frequently dodge competitions and training with fellow students so at to not let information about her spread where she doesn't want it. She is almost always using her power, if at least simply to float about instead of walk, yet the motions she makes when doing to make it unclear as to how her powers specifically behave versus how much of it's for show.

Kyrie can be perhaps noted in this regard to always be treading lightly, as if she has an acute awareness of the dangers lurking out there for her. Her life seems to be dedicated to the song and dance of keeping people hapy and pushing them to make stronger independent decisions on the fate of individual metas and xenos.

Social Impact

Kivnois (presently unknown)


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