Lahash of Conflict
Lahash of Conflict
Personal Data
Real Name: Lahash
Known Aliases: Shiva
Age: N/A
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 111lb
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Hazel
Biographical Data
Nationality: {$nationality}
Place of Birth: {$birthplace}
Base of Operations: {$hometown}
Known Relatives: "Son": David
"Son": Richard "Gold Fang"
"Son": Preston
Known Powers
Cursed Vampirism, Access to vast resources, Demon Magic


Lahash is a girl that grew up around war, though she was never a victim of it herself. She was part of a very aggressive clan that never lost a conflict. They were exceedingly prosperous and comfortable because of the spoils they acquired through their exploits. Her father fought in, battle after battle, fight after fight, and her people's settlement grew and strengthened with each victory one. She couldn't understand the agony felt by those around her who lost loved ones along the way. To her any loss of life was a worthy sacrifice so that their loved ones left behind could live in luxury. All was well for their people and she was able to enjoy the best childhood one could ask for. The day her father died on the battlefield, passed for her like any other day. She wore a bright smile, as she would often do to greet her father and waited at the door for the man. He never showed, she never stopped. When it grew dark and she could hear her mother's weeping in the dining room she left the doorway. Taking a seat next to her mother she lets her feet dangle over the edge and whispers a tune.

Things changed when after having prospering so greatly, her people decided they had done enough. They sought a time of peace, a time to enjoy their gains and mourn their losses. Lahash didn't understand this time. And when she was old enough she left. Within a year of her departure the society of her birth fell, becoming forever lost to time.

Lahash grew up with a warped understanding of war and conflict in general. War, fighting, it was always a positive. It allowed her to live the happy comfortable life she lived as a youth. It allowed her to know true happiness. When Raum gave her, at that point a travelling vagrant, the chance to once again relive the joys of her youth she accepted. In her he saw a longing for power she once knew she possessed. Her drive to reclaim her luxury would push her beyond the normal bounds of magic.


"Why does the little girl cry?"

The Great Betrayal

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