Z.E.R.O. History






Liaison for the Application of Superior Technologies

L.A.S.T. is the final branch of Z.E.R.O., and is assigned to two tasks. It's first is research and development, studying and generating new technology for use by all of the organizations within Z.E.R.O. Unlike the USAIWP and other similar organizations, it does not outsource to public or privately owned companies, or even to foreign military agencies. All technology developed by L.A.S.T. is used by those within Z.E.R.O., and no one else. For that reason, they pursue nothing that does not have potential for eliminating or deterring super-level threats. These range from weapon systems, computer viruses, fast-acting medical supplies, and anything else that might give them the edge in the fight. They even research the uses of magical artifacts and other objects of mystical origin, a practice nearly unheard of in most military organizations. But their uses are undeniable, and the insight it gives into the natures and activities of supernatural dangers are invaluable.

Their second task is exactly what their name implies. They are THE LAST defense against any threat Z.E.R.O. comes across. This means only after national defense forces, international forces, enlisted superhero and meta-human teams, F.I.R.S.T., and S.E.C.O.N.D. have ALL failed, does L.A.S.T. gear up and move out. Because if every other possible human effort has failed, a threshold has been passed. You see, the technology that L.A.S.T. creates does sometimes go to the other branches of Z.E.R.O. to help them do their jobs better. But a large majority is kept, and outright forbidden to be used until there is no other option. These are the technologies that have enormous collateral damage, who's destructiveness can not be mitigated. These are the weapons that will destroy not only the threat, but everything it was threatening. These are the devices L.A.S.T. is trained to use in the unlikely event that the destruction they will create is an acceptable loss in stopping whatever can not be allowed to happen.

It is for this reason L.A.S.T. exists. Because there is no one else with both the capability and willingness to act as they do.

L.A.S.T. Director

Dr. James Hack

Age: 53
Height: 5'11”
Weight: 141lbs
Hair: Black, cut to medium length
Eyes: Brown
Nationality: Russian
Occupation: Current Director of L.A.S.T.; Operations record classified.

James, or "Jimmy" as he prefers to be called, is a bit of a strange man. By all appearances treats his job with very little seriousness, much to the chagrin of those around him, especially his equals and superiors. He rarely wears even a collared shirt, preferring shorts and a T-shirt for his daily work, and likes to joke around with those beneath him. He hasn't even had any formal military experience. More than once has a newly hired individual insinuated that Jimmy was grossly incompetent, and demanded that something be done about it.

But there is a reason Jimmy has been the director of L.A.S.T. for sixteen years. He is simply the best there is at what he does, and what he does is obliterate any problem that appears before him with a machine-like efficiency. In his time Jimmy has gained several hard science degrees, a knack for making particularly harmful things, and the ability to block out all else when he focuses his attention on something. He has the unsettling habit of knowing the answer to a question even as it is being asked, never hesitating to answer with what he knows to be the optimal solution. People wishing to see evidence of this should challenge him to any game of skill or strategy, and watch him systematically break you down piece by piece, most of the time without even pausing to think. For both his appearance of ineptitude and his unfathomable intellect, many have jokingly referred to him as "Jimmy the Hack." He always laughs at the name when he hears it, but has never encouraged or discouraged its use.

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