Legally Upstanding Group

Legally Upstanding Group

Welcome to the halls of the Legally Upstanding Group!

You may refer to us as LUG if you desire, but we take no legal responsibility for any misinterpretation or misrepresentation potentially caused by the use of that or any other acronym.

For years the LUG has recruited swell and well meaning citizens with the proper legal forms including heroic like figures of other nations and even planets so long as they have proven they have legal immigration forms.

We have a luxiurous history of camraderie and good-deed-doing that is all documented and filed with the local police branches for each incident as well as copies cimpiled for state and federal documentation of all our deeds!

Operating from eighty two wholly owned facilities maintained to their native legal standards across the globe, the LUG has proven itself to have an expansive network of people as well as information resources legally obtained from verified providers and government agencies. We never relax on our stringent screening of all data for potential errors in legality and report the issues to the proper authorities.

Indeed, the LUG is a group dedicated to justice. So long as that justice is enforced within curfew hours, obeys all local traffic and safety laws, is done in compliance with local authoriries and immediately documented for court use, does not incur property damage, and those being rescued sign agreements to not seek legal action against any member of LUG or the legal entity of LUG itself should they find any aspect of our deeds unsatisfactory.

LUG will accept any donation that has passed the screening to prove it is not of any illegally derived origin.

LUG exists as a group of legally conscious people who are largely of the superhero type who go out of their way to make sure their actions always comply with the laws of any place they are in as well as of those they represent.

In general they tend to be a ineffective bunch of heroes that, while powerful, doom their heroics to an amazingly crippled effort under the desire to not receive any legal backlash.

They are often outspoken about other hero groups that are less stringent in their effort to uphold legal authority over moral authority much to the comedy and annpyance of other groups. Even going so far as to engage in legal bouts and sessions in court to make sure some of the more dubious heroes pay any fines they owe the state.

As you can imagine they aren't popular.

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