The First Wife
The First Wife
Personal Data
Real Name: Lilith
Known Aliases: The First Wife, Mother of Cain, Night Demon, Succubus, Concubine of Abrahm, The Harlot, too many to list.
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'6"
Weight: Solidly built weighing in at around 120lb. Her body is littered with arcane symbols and runes. She is a very strong woman in both appearance and demeanor.
Hair Color: Glossy Black
Eye Color: Deep, piercing green.
Biographical Data
Nationality: Sumerian
Place of Birth: unknown; speaks Ancient Sumerian, Akkadian, presumably others.
Base of Operations: unknown
Known Relatives: unknown
Known Powers
As one of the original Seven, Lilith has complete dominion over the sphere of Abjuration magic, and is too powerful within any other schools to properly convey.


Founder of the Abjuration branch of magic, and creator of the Order of the White. Founder of the Tower of Sorcery at Van'dyal Forest.


The Story of Lilith can be best explained in two parts that most define her. It is in these times that the legendary woman is shaped into her infamous legend.

Life before the Council:

Wife of Adam, Lilith shared a wonderful beginning with the man she loved. He was strong, compassionate, and innocent. He had a high sense of ideal and morality that set him apart from many of the others around them. He exuded reverence and was a man that could be looked up to as a King. Lilith, a woman, was in every way his equal. Armed with an equally impressive compassion, wit and sense of self, she was perhaps the only person in the land capable of wedding Adam, and he the only man worthy of such a woman.

It was paradise. For the longest of times these two lived together in absolute bliss, but as the saying goes, ignorance is bliss. Things changed when one day a younger man intruded in their paradise. At first he seemed harmless enough. He always spoke from behind a tree, or on the other side of a bush, never daring to lay eyes on the beautiful couple. Lilith grew especially fond of the pensive young man. She welcomed him to walk by her side, a gesture that confused Adam. What feelings were Lilith showing for this boy, who was easily half her age? Time would tell. She was soon so bold as to invite him to lie beside her under the fire. Adam was feeling something he never had before. Envy.

Lilith had found in the boy a sense of youthful wonderment. He was infinitely impressed by both her and her husband’s strength. They had created paradise here before him. His tales of the outer world put into perspective the level of their achievement. Lilith who had never known anything other than perfection, paradise, now understood the glory of the life she lived. This led her to wonder, “What glory lie beyond this?” This inquiry is what sowed the seeds of a passion that would in time consume her.

The stranger answered. Telling her of a power she alone held, the power to bend the forces of nature to her will. He told her that Adam did not possess this power, that he might one day be threatened by her power for he was a mere mortal and she, she was something more. Lilith was apprehensive about the young man’s assertions. She and Adam were an inseparable pair. For him to suggest she could be more than he was, if nothing else, dangerous. Sensing her apprehension he backed off.

It was around this time that Adam confronted the young man. He was completely unaware of the stories the young man had been telling his wife. He could feel in his bones that this man would bring no good to them. Adam made this known to him, and banished the man from his home. The man put up no resistance and leaves. Lilith, however, looks at her husband with a degree of disdain. How dare he send away her friend, that was not his place, and he did not consult her. Adams display of power over his wife put her in a strange place of mind. What was this feeling, resentment, and to her husband of all things?


This was the beginning of a divide between these two strong willed individuals. Every decision made without consulting the other was now seen as a gambit for control or dominance in the relationship. If Adam were to bring home a boar, Lilith might ask, “Why did you not consider if I might want stag?” etc. It didn’t take long before the man’s words began to echo in her mind, pushing them to the forefront. Lilith began exploring this inner power of hers. Marking herself with symbols and chanting words that came to her from places she hadn’t known of, Lilith began the practice of magic. She recorded all of her findings, slowly increasing in skill. Magic became her obsession. Adam became alarmed at her seclusion. The nights he slept alone were becoming more frequent, as Lilith might be out experimenting with her craft long into the night.

She was a woman possessed with her own self-improvement, a trait Adam soon found distasteful. He refused to be in competition with his wife’s own desires as he was no longer the center of her desire. This strain in their relationship resulted in Adam’s dismissal of Lilith. This action would reverberate throughout the world, influencing the relationship between man and woman for years to come.

Lilith was not a victim. She knew full well of her husband’s intentions before even he did. She knew her pursuits would separate them; emotionally, she had already done so. Her liberation from Adam was only the beginning. What more might she find liberation from through the continued practice of this art? Her answer soon came to her with the calling of a name. Throughout her time she knew this name well, though she never knew its owner. Without the distractions of her past life it became clear that the name she knew had an owner whom she needed to meet. Using the knowledge of her craft she created a proper space in which to invoke the name. This act awakened in her a power, such a power that when Adam went to confront her she had already gone.

Life after the Council:

Many years had passed from the point where she left Adam and embarked on a journey to master incredible magiks. And in that time mastering magic is what she did. Her expertise drew the attention of the one named Sin and her position amongst the Seven most powerful mages in the world was cemented. Lilith was a woman who followed her own passions. It was only a matter of time before she and the council began to not see eye to eye. Lilith was also a woman with keen intellect. She knew that direct confrontation with her peers would be counterproductive to her interests.

So while still a member of the council she planted the idea in a few prominent students’ minds. The idea of paradise, a life she once knew, as being obtainable by all man through the use of magic. The allure of paradise in a world plagued in strife, conflict, and suffering was something her chosen students clung to. It was a goal worth devoting one’s life to. Her belief spread like wildfire, grabbing the attention of mages and non-mages alike. She and her students were able to sit back and watch as their faith spread quickly. So quickly that it’s origins became myth within a mere generation. Lilith’s connection to the faith she planted was soon unidentifiable. None of its emerging believers could believe “The Witch of the North”, as she came to be known as, could be a part of something so divine.

The ungoverned use of magic in these emerging “Churches” soon garnered the attention of the council. This application of magic was an inevitability the council had been formed to protect against. If these people placed their faith in the promise of magic it could present a danger to themselves and their world. A decision needed to be made on what actions to take against this young Church.

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