Living Dead Girl

Real Name: Sheri Vargas
AKA: Living Dead Girl
Baby Doll
Green Meanie

Age: 19
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 115 lbs
Hair: Dirty blonde, Worn in a loose ponytail, Unwashed to the point of dreads forming
Eyes: Black, Glazed over with white film
Birthplace: Western Florida
Base of Operations: At Kid Vicious's side
Short Bio: After making a deal to serve the nefarious Black Sunshine in exchange for their protection against the man in black for her and her brother Sheri was transformed into the perfect bodyguard. She cannot die, can immediately reattach lost limbs, feels no pain, and hates fire.

Full Bio: Read Donny's

Appearance: Apart from her unwashed hair that is beginning to form dreads Sheri tends to draw more attention than the chubby black boy at her side at every popular club in the world (they probably think he's that kid from Webster or something). The process that has nearly zombified her has left her skin tinted green. Her fingernails are filthy and her clothes need changed yet she never seems to notice. She is constantly no more than a few feet away from Kid Vicious and never shows emotion. With her she always carries a long duffel bag (either by hand or on her back). Her eyes are glazed over but those who get close enough to see the color under this film would probably have their arms broken.

Personality: Sheri was protective of her brother and much more skilled in using spells. Living Deadl Girl is an emotionless tool of butt kicking. She serves the Order of the Black Sunshine without question and knows nothing other than her life as a bodyguard. She is eerily quiet and tends to sneak up on people.

Powers & Abilities: intense healing factor, use of firearms and bladed weapons, weakness to fire.

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