Father Ethan



Love is soothing, healing, cleansing. Love is painful, destructive and purifying. What force of nature better exemplifies this duality of Love other than Flame? Passion is embodied in the fiery pursuit of ones destiny. The Love denomination as lead by Father Ethan has interpreted the philosophy of their text's as such;

"There is evil in the world. In order to cleanse our world we must purify it. Use the destructive force of Love, Fire to rid the world of its trespassers. Only then, when the world has been rid of evil will the Gates open themselves to the worthy."


Like the other branches this school has access to the volumes of text containing the magic teachings of the various schools of magic. The Love denomination is known however for its specialization in two types of magic. Fire manipulation and Healing.

Fire Manipulation - Students of this magic will be able to expand on simple spells like, Burning Hands and Wall of Fire while also using fire related/specific versions of other spells such as Move Earth becoming a Move Flame.

Healing - Some student's have aligned themselves moreso than others with the healing side of the Love philosophy. These students start by using fire spells to do things like Cauterized wounds, burn out infection, and other crude methods of healing. More Advanced practitioners will learn how to mend the soul with the more metaphysical flames of passion.

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