Lucy Sanders, aka Amaranth
Beautiful and Deadly.
Beautiful and Deadly.
Personal Data
Real Name: Lucretia Valentina Sanders
Known Aliases: Lucy Valerie Sanders, Val Sanders, Amaranth
Age: 43, though effectively immortal until replaced
Height: 5'9"
Weight: undisclosed
Hair Color: Red/Auburn
Eye Color: Green
Biographical Data
Nationality: Irish-American
Place of Birth: Joliet, IL
Base of Operations: Joliet, Naperville, Romeoville, Chicago
Known Relatives: Husband: Victor A. Spettro, Daughter: Geneviève
Known Powers
Plant Control


An extremely powerful mutant, Lucy discovered her powers when she was a very young girl, as the trees whispered secrets to her. She always won at hide-and-seek, and was always wanting to stay outside, protesting to her parents that she hated her room and wanted a tent instead. (Really on her parents’ insistence, Lucy would have preferred to watch the stars and sleep in the grass).

Nature had its own voice, and Lucy knew it spoke to her. Rather then embarrass her parents, she kept her powers secret while using every excuse she could to ‘sleep over at friend’s homes’ and go on camping trips later. She loved being a naturalist, and Nature loved her.

On one such excursion, Lucy happened upon a stranded hiker. Helping the man revive and find his way out, the ranger’s were impressed with her on-the-spot care of the man. She told them bluntly, “I just used what Nature provided.” The experience would leave its own mark on her though, and after a few college courses, Lucy entered the Police Academy to better help the public at large. It wasn’t quite what she was looking for, but it made her parents happy.

After a few years on the beat, Lucy met a man named Victor. Their shared love of fitting justice and common interests made them quite the match. Lucy would later marry Victor, though their tale from there is one of less happiness, and Victor last saw his wife dying in childbirth…

Though that was not the last the world would see of Lucy Sanders.

Known Abilities

Phytotoxic Immunity – Lucy is immune to all phytotoxins – that is, all poisons derived from plants.
Strength of the Trees – Lucy has been seen being able to summon strength rivaling the mightiest oaks to fight foes, tear holes in buildings, and for personal defense. However, she cannot sustain such things for long, and she generally uses it for surprise attacks and quick escapes.
Photosynthesis – Lucy can wrap plants around her, giving her a plant form. A benefit of this is she can survive by photosynthesis – effectively breathing through all parts of her body, and requiring relatively little food.
Thorny Body – Lucy has been witnessed several times sprouting tough, sharp thorns from her body, making it very dangerous to touch her. It is unknown how long these can get, but one noted event had her easily impaling an officer’s hand.

Others not disclosed.

Current Sketch

Unknown, after making a brief appearance at the Academy in the attempt to reclaim her daughter, little has been heard from the now-villainous Amaranth. Only time will tell…


Husband Victor A. Spettro, daughter Genevieve; Mother and Father deceased. Lucy has a few siblings in Illinois and Indiana.

Plot Device

Very much a Poison Ivy-esque character, Genevieve's mother is an Aspect of Nature, and the one responsible for Gen's mutant genetics, as well as the basis for the same girl's photosynthesis. She is a world-class superpower, currently seen as a villain because of her radical actions in the course of preserving nature. She is an extremist in any case, willing to bring her full powers to bear to save forests and natural landscapes alike, and is not above killing anyone who stands in her, and Nature's, way. Death is only another aspect of the Cycle of Life after all, and no one understands this better then Amaranth.

Amaranth is generally against crime just for the sake of it, but does enjoy general mayhem in cityscapes, which she views as abominations and crimes against the natural cycle. She is also more likely to destroy inanimate constructs in her way, but as above, is not above taking lives if necessary. She is also completely guiltless, to the point where it would be easier to compare her personal principals to those of an animal rather then a human.

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