Lyndrossa, The Poisoned Talon
The Vile Sorceress Lyndrossa
The Vile Sorceress Lyndrossa
Personal Data
Real Name: Lyndrossa
Known Aliases: Lyn, Lyndrossa the Black, Lyndrossa the Vile, Head of the Black, The Raven Queen, The Poisoned Talon
Age: unknown
Height: 5'8"
Weight: unknown
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: unknown
Place of Birth: unknown
Base of Operations: The Tower of Sorcery at Shattered Cliffs; Her tower at Raven Isle
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Exceptionally adept and innovative sorceress. As a very powerful sorceress, Lyndrossa has access to incredible resources and can acquire or make almost any non-artifact item she might need, given time.


Seventy-two years ago, a Black magi called The Masked presented a new apprentice to the Council, one who was rumored to have served him a while longer then he revealed. The raven-haired apprentice was exceedingly well trained, and passed her Test without hesitation, though what she went through isn't generally known. When she came out she seemed just as cold as she had going in, but she never speaks of the experience.


Not much of her past is known before her Testing, but the sorceress later known as Lyndrossa was once a young girl with a noble life, and noble parents… and the young girl enjoyed the power she had over others. It started with her father's dog, a hunting hound she drugged to slip past him and attend a moonlight tryst.

This experimentation soon led to Lyn drugging others in the household, even setting up one of the servants to take the blame for an experiment on a stable boy gone wrong. No one even questioned her word, and when the servant was put to death, Lyn began to realize the extent of her power, and sought to push it more.

A rash of poisonings would follow, an outbreak the household would call a plague.

One by one, they began to sicken and die. The family itself seemed largely immune, but that was mearly because Lyndrossa was minimizing their doses, increasing the amounts when they displeased her. While hiding and seething after such a discourse with her own father, she stumbled across a hidden room in the manse. Within, she found secrets her family had long withheld, and a birthright she longed to claim.

Escalating her plan, she set about poisoning each member of her family, keeping her father on his deathbed, an inch from the grave while he watched each of his beloved heirs perish. Lyndrossa kept him company the entire time, whispering of their treacheries and teasing him with the information that his own daughter was the one truly responsible.

When a Hound of the Black Order came knocking, Lyndrossa was heir apparent to a large fortune, all other family members long since deceased. The Hound, a Black robe known as the Masked, had finally found an apprentice worthy of teaching. After a lengthy discussion where he filled in some blank spots about her family, she agreed to study under him and became his apprentice, following him to his own tower to begin learning about her other powers.


A Dark Star Shining

Lyndrossa made her way through the ranks of the Trimagus quickly after her Testing, the same way other exceptionally talented magi had done before her: she was very, very effective at what she did. At one time she even held the secret rank of the Council's 'Black Dog', a position she only had while covering for the previous, who resumed his position shortly after.

Twenty-one years later she made her bid for power, and with the silent support of the Masked and others, she became Head of the Black.

Powers and Abilities

Spells: A very powerful sorceress, Lyndrossa calls upon magic through sheer effort of will. Most of her favored abilities carry the theme of ice, ravens, and poisons.

Invocations of Ice: Lyn can bend and channel magic with an ice theme, calling upon basic cantrips like ice bolts, cones and walls. She can also teleport others by gathering the ambient moisture around them and exchanging it with another area with sufficient climate.

Raven Rapport: Lyn favors ravens, and has one as a familiar named Poe. She can see through his eyes and the eyes of any other raven, many of which surround her island at all times. One of her favorite personal teleports has her replace herself with a flock of ravens.

Vile Poisons: One of the disciplines of the Masked, Lyndrossa is familiar with all normal poisons and most supernatural ones. She has also learned how to poison someone and raise them as a zombie, and it is her preferred method of doing so.

Mastery of Counterspelling: When Lyndrossa successfully counterspells any spell subject to spell turning, she reflects it fully back on the original caster. A spell not subject to spell turning is merely counterspelled.

Master of Torture: With a wide range of ideas available, Lyndrossa is unusually gifted at the art of torture, and considers it an art. Any who find her table leave broken or dead.

As a very powerful wizard, Lyndrossa has access to incredible resources and can acquire or make almost any nonartifact item she might need, given time.

Master of the Tower

Mistress of the Black confers upon Lyndrossa several abilities while within the Tower of Sorcery at Shattered Cliffs. She is completely immune to spells with the following effects while acting Mistress: detect thoughts, disintegrate, feeblemind, death, fireball, magic missile, blind, time stop. As well, nothing of magic can hide from her eyes within the tower, and any illusion attempted against her within its walls will fail automatically.

Raven's Isle


Lyndrossa's personal retreat, which serves both as a home base and headquarters for many of her experiments. The isle is ringed by hundreds of ravens, which perch and fly around the obsidian stone. There are no other wildlife in the immediate area, and it is uncertain where exactly the tower resides. The island only has one path, and it starts from a jagged cliff's edge, extends to stairs of the tower, and wraps behind it, passing into a forest locked in eternal winter. Intruders dwelling in the forest will face horrors of their own…

The interior of the tower is larger then the outside belies, and a stone staircase spirals up from the ground floor all the way to the trap-door accessing the rooftop lab. There are a few rooms devoted to libraries, a few dedicated to guest rooms, and several more dedicated to dark, twisted things contained by Lyndrossa's will alone.

Any unauthorized visitors will find the entrance to the tower quite obvious: the large stone door at its base, intricately carved in the likeness of a raven… though closer inspection would reveal many smaller figures locked in battle. These combatants battle forever, souls of the previous intruders too weak to make anything else out of. These souls will never find peace, and Lyndrossa likens them to having a scarecrow out front.

Storming the Tower

Should intruders stomach or ignore the pitiless hell of the doorway itself, they will find the doors are well oiled and open easily. Opening these doors does send out a series of silent alarms, however, and just like any other mage of power, Lyndrossa's defenses are formidable.

In one of the endless caverns beneath the tower, a mass grave holds bodies left to rot from Lyndrossa's research. Each minute intruders linger, one body is animated, followed by two the second minute, and three the third… this army of the dead slowly makes its way out of the cavern, entering a lower tunnel and ascending to a door two rooms ahead of the entrance. This distraction proves even more potent if the brave have already begun to reach the staircase…

The stairs themselves lure the unwary, seemingly stable one minute and changing into quicksand the next, leaving those treading them sinking into a bottomless pit. Any zombies animated and entering the chamber will enter and be able to climb the stairs normally, helping to "assist" those trapped.

Anyone attempting a flight spell at this point will invoke another defense, as a rain of serpents opens from nowhere, dropping all matter of poisonous reptiles upon the intruders. These magical serpents swim through the quicksand with ease, but are otherwise normal, poisonous snakes.

So far, Lyndrossa has been quite proud to see no one has yet even won past the fifth floor uninvited, and that fool, she will note, was tipped off about the first traps in order to test the remaining. She kept his body, and occasionally uses him to test her other defenses…

Lyndrossa's Libraries

Being of a rather suspicious and untrustworthy nature, Lyndrossa has everything of power in her tower divided up into different areas only she can tie together, and this includes her extensive collection of magical texts dating back several centuries. Her own personal collection is amongst these, and she has also penned several volumes of her own as she's made her own discoveries.

Each library possesses a single guardian, that awakens if a book is removed from the room proper. These guardians vary from room to room, ranging from ornate animated suits of armor to golems made from eyeballs to a poisonous blob.

The Laboratory

The lab had changed. From the cluttered and catastrophic disarray he’d first come to, he now stood in one much more like the one he’s originally faced when first apprenticed. Over the countless hours, through the grueling torments, he had learned about, studied, and categorized nearly every component and device within this lab, and now knew it almost as well as he knew himself. His study even covered many herbs, something he’d never focused on before, and one of his mistress’ passions, poisons. Through her teachings, he’d become quite adept at recognizing poisons, deciding on doses, and estimating effects. He’d only learned a few antidotes; these, he figured, his mistress wouldn’t reveal because she wished to retain the upper hand, or because she simply didn’t feel the need to teach him. He’d figured enough to theorize on most, so that must have been sufficient. Maerik at least assumed that as he studied his mistress today, her raven black hair unbound and slightly wild, her dark eyes tempting and twinkling with mischief. He knew the signs of when her ‘playful’ mood appeared, and his mind went back over various torments inflicted during such periods.

They were unusually creative.

Though several smaller rooms serve the purpose of conducting specialized experiments, Lyndrossa has laboriously crafted an exquisite lab uniquely suited to her needs and tastes. This lab, a few floors from the top level, is vastly longer then the tower itself would imply, with a long, tall stone desk at the far end, covered in engravings. Behind the desk lies a door with a black curtain drawn over it, and the precise distance between the two doors is the center of an large, ornate summoning circle.

The circle itself actually consists of several other concentric rings, each with symbols and words of power etched around them. Four smaller circles anchor the center ones, and two six foot circles extend towards either doorway. During the time Maerik spent here, he's gained an understanding of the design and how to utilize the power of the device. While standing in the circle closest to the tower door, he's lent his power to his mistress' summonings as she's stood opposite, knowing that should either speak one syllable incorrectly, Lyndrossa would gladly sacrifice him and make her escape.

Either side of the lab houses numerous bookshelves, and a few smaller tables and chairs. Most of the tables have texts sprawled upon them, or are covered in beakers and vials busy brewing alchemy experiments. A large fireplace sits just to the left side of the room, opposite the center circle, and a larger table with two chairs resides opposite it, also outside the circle.

The Winter Forest


Those who pass the tower or approach from another direction will find the rest of the isle covered in trees, the branches frozen and locked in eternal winter. Snow continues to fall, and those following the small trail in will stumble across a truly unique feature in the terrain: the Lake of Blood.

The area is something of an experiment for Lyndrossa, and the specifics have never been mentioned to anyone, not even her apprentice. The liquid is of a consistency similar to that of human blood, and is in fact partially human… The pool does not have definite banks; soil mixes with the liquid until, at a certain point, there is more soil than liquid and the ground is mostly solid. The liquid becomes denser as one descends deeper into the pool; if the pool has a bottom, it has yet to be reached.

Periodically, Lyndrossa's twisted experiments reveal themselves, and a figure will emerge from the pool, though every form has varied. All such creatures are extremely violent and unnaturally tough. To date, no two forms have ever emerged twice, and Lyndrossa has periodically had to descend and destroy the creatures before they grew too bothersome. This task is also one she enjoys assigning her apprentice.



  • There are precisely 587 steps to Lyndrossa's laboratory from Maerik's quarters.
  • Lyndrossa is the most recent magi to achieve a position as Head of her Order, both Wanlorn and Akie having held their positions for several decades previous.
  • Her Tower at Raven Isle and its grounds are actually all that remains of her families ancestral home, the once-grand manse raised by magic into a large Tower to suit its mistress. The Lake of Blood around the back side was the area that one housed her family's crypts…


“Its no secret,” she began casually. “I serve myself and my own whims. I take apprentices when I feel the need, and destroy them out of hand when I’m done with them. There’s even actually been one on my island, testing the wards outside the tower. Maybe he wants your job. Should I order you to duel him?” She smiled again.

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