The GodKing
The GodKing
Personal Data
Real Name: Mael'Koth
Known Aliases: The GodKing, The One, The Savior, He-Who-Rules, and The Oppressor
Age: unknown
Height: 8'
Weight: 350lbs.
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Grey
Biographical Data
Nationality: unknown
Place of Birth: unknown
Base of Operations: unknown
Known Relatives: unknown
Known Powers
Derives power from Condensed Worship through a machine not native to Earth.


The GodKing Mael'Koth has destroyed the world.


Some 60 years ago, during World War II in another dimension of Earth, something went wrong. A star fell from the sky, and a God arrived. This God set about purging the unclean, and he was worshipped. Statues were built in his image, and then wars fought in his name.

Upon his arrival in New Rome (what we call New York), Mael'Koth quickly promised an end to war and famine, all the negatives of the world, if people would only believe in him…

While still establishing his power base, Mael'Koth spread his Sin Eaters about the world, collecting the 'unclean' he said, which was more of an excuse to purge any non-believers then anything.

He attempted his first power ritual many decades later, attempting to consolidate all the new souls within him, but due to interference from the Academy during the first Pushing Forward Back, his plans were thwarted and the souls rose against him instead.

At the beginning of Pushing Forward Back 2, Mael'Koth has pushed his forces from the east coast to the west coast, annihilating all who oppose him. The last bastion of human power centered in the City of Silver Feathers (San Francisco) has been organized into the Resistance, but without the help of the heroes their efforts to destroy the GodKing still might fail…


Impossibly built, the GodKing towers above men, topping 8'. His musculature is nearly impossible to achieve, and a shiny glow emits from him at all times. He often goes bare-chested and unadorned into combat, preferring his physical skills to anything else.

Powers & Abilities:

The massive form of the GodKing translates well into displayed super strength, and he seems to possess some form of basic invulnerability, making him exceptionally difficult to harm.

The power he has seized has led him to experimentation, creating an army of loyal followers. Collectively named 'The Fallen', they are made up of three types of creatures, all loyal to and created through the efforts of Mael'Koth.

He has also been noted to have the ability to channel power from the departed souls of unbelievers and the worship of his faithful alike, using it to invest others with powers similar to the Academy students he faced in their first meeting. These clones have proved a hindrance at the beginning of Pushing Forward Back 2, and are referred to by Mael'Koth himself as the "Imbued".

The Fallen:

Among the many experiments Mael'Koth performed, he had a few successes. These can be loosely categorized by the similarity in traits possessed between them, though each had a seemingly unique appearance.

  • The Lost - Emaciated corpses of the damned souls trapped by Mael'Koth's experiments into expendable soldiers. Singularly mindless and hungry, they possess a pack mentality. Most appear as some form of twisted human, crawling backwards or limping along in a loose flesh bag with limbs disjointed. Most lack proper faces, including eyes, and hunt through sonar.
  • Soul Harvesters - Huge abominations, Harvesters range anywhere from 6-7ft to the largest known, at two stories. (@20ft) They appear as masses of grotesque flesh, undulating around a center mass. Most have vague ape-like shapes, and move themselves by creating two huge stubby arms, using those to pull themselves around. Harvesters tend to use their blobby mass to completely engulf a living victim, leaving behind only synthetic materials and later producing Lost through this unknown method.
  • Strangers - The first 'successful' products of Mael'Koth's twisted creations, these are Lost Souls broken and twisted and stuffed inside the body of a living host. Should the personality dominate the host, it grants several minor abilities that make it more then a match for a living human. Notably, they look much the same as a normal human (the host) would, aside from constant dark circles under the eyes and a noticeable lack of desire to sleep.
  • Imbued / Blessed - Not really counted among the Fallen, but still immensely powerful. Those invested with a bit of Mael'Koth's own power, those few that survive the process seem to unlock powers dormant in their genes, or manifest entirely unique abilities as a result of the merging; the exact process is unknown, but these individuals are fully retained of their own wills. As such, they can use their powers in whatever ways they desire, though Mael'Koth only grants his powers to his most trusted soldiers.


Most of the clones Mael'Koth created exhibited similar powers to their counterparts, with the exception of Gwendolyn Kane, who was imitating Genevieve Spettro. Possibly because of the amount of Sin investing his power, he found it was immensely difficult for him to replicate Light, and instead vested her with Darkness.


“Do you believe in evil, Geneviève?” Ma’elKoth, the self-styled ‘Godking’, asked. The woman he questioned was kneeling, her back against a wall of dark stone, the manacles clasping her wrists the only reason she remained upright. “Some people call it evil when my soldiers knock on a door in the night and ask a man where his brother is and the terrified man tells them. Or when a woman sees a purse full of money lying in the street and takes it. I’m not asking if you believe in weakness or ignorance that harms others. I’m asking if you believe in an evil that glorifies and glories within destruction, perversion. An evil that would look on the face of goodness and spit on it.”

The Godking stood and put his arms behind his back, beginning to pace. Genevieve was already familiar with this game, but she could barely think anyhow. Ma’elKoth would pace back and forth, speaking to her at length of whatever struck him at that time. It was odd, until you considered everyone in his court was subservient, and reflexively agreed with his every decision. It was almost like he relished someone to talk to, someone to comprehend why he did what he did… but she couldn’t find the strength to care.

“You see, when I kill one of my chosen, it’s not an act of evil. I know when I rip the beating heart from that young flesh I’m not just killing him. I’m inspiring such fear in all the others that it makes me more then a man. It makes me unquestionable, unfathomable, a god. That secures my reign and my kingdom. When I want to take a city, I herd the inhabitants of nearby cities in front of my army. If the city wants to use war engines against my men, they’ll have to kill their friends and neighbors first. Brutal, yes. But evil?” He stood for a moment, reflecting. “One might say it saves lives because the cities usually surrender. Or they do when I start catapulting the living into their city. You’d be amazed at what the simple sound of a scream changing in pitch and ending with a thump will do to soldiers when it’s repeated every thirteen minutes. They can’t help but wait… can’t help but wonder… do I recognize this voice? But I digress.” He turned in place, and resumed his walk, still talking though Genevieve wasn’t listening. She knew it didn’t matter, this was just another form of torture for her to break further. The things he’d already stolen from her mind… she just couldn’t remember. It was like he ate her memories, leaving vast gaping holes where her friends, family, and very existence had been.

“You see, I do not call any of that evil. This society now rests on the foundation of the Godking’s power. If the Godking doesn’t have absolute power, everything crumbles. Then comes chaos, war, starvation, plagues that don’t discriminate between the innocent and the guilty. Everything I do staves that off. A little brutality preserves us like a surgeon’s knife preserves life. My question is, do you believe in an evil possessed of its own purity? Or does every act intend some good?”

“Why…” Gen’s voice cracked, and she swallowed, trying to continue. “Why are you asking me?” Her normal paleness seemed more emphasized, her lips were tinged in blue.

“I always talk to those with the intellect to listen.” Ma’elKoth said. “First, because only madmen regularly speak to themselves. Second, because there is the off chance a woman might actually have some insight.”

He was baiting her, and was rewarded as her eyes narrowed, her absolute loathing for this creature completely plain on her face.

“Evil… evil has its agents,” she began, her voice soft and still weak. “I think… we allow evil to use us. It doesn’t care if we know what we’re doing is evil or not. After we’ve done it’s will, if we feel guilty, it can use that to condemn us in our own eyes. If we feel good, it can immediately use us for it’s next objective.” She began to cough, the strain on her throat causing her to convulse. It was the most she’d spoken since he’d taken her, yet not the most she’d screamed.

“You are an intriguing child.” the Godking said. “I’ve never heard such an idea… but what if…” he continued into another dialogue, and Genevieve’s eyes fluttered as she fought to stay conscious.

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