The Fallen

In the devastated world of Pushing Forward Back and its sequel, the GodKing Mael'Koth has created a twisted army, collectively called The Fallen. These generally consist of three main troops: The Lost, Soul Harvesters, and the Strangers. While the Blessed are his living priests who derive any number of minor abilities through his power, Imbued are the 'clones' Mael'Koth made, which began with his attempts at creating life and became those living vessels that he imparted power to.

The Lost

Emaciated corpses of the damned souls trapped by Mael'Koth's experiments into expendable soldiers. Singularly mindless and hungry, they possess a pack mentality. Most appear as some form of twisted human, crawling backwards or limping along in a loose flesh bag with limbs disjointed. Most lack proper faces, including eyes, and hunt through sonar.

Soul Harvester

Huge abominations, Harvesters range anywhere from 6-7ft to the largest known, at two stories. (@20ft) They appear as masses of grotesque flesh, undulating around a center mass. Most have vague ape-like shapes, and move themselves by creating two huge stubby arms, using those to pull themselves around. Harvesters tend to use their blobby mass to completely engulf a living victim, leaving behind only synthetic materials and later producing Lost through this unknown method.


The first 'successful' products of Mael'Koth's twisted creations, these are Lost Souls broken and twisted and stuffed inside the body of a living host. Should the personality dominate the host, it grants several minor abilities that make it more then a match for a living human. Notably, they look much the same as a normal human (the host) would, aside from constant dark circles under the eyes and a noticeable lack of desire to sleep.

Imbued & Blessed

Not really counted among the Fallen, but still immensely powerful, the Blessed are worshippers of Mael'Koth who can tap minor powers in his name, while the Imbued are his Chosen. Those invested with a bit of Mael'Koth's own power, the few that survive the process seem to unlock powers dormant in their genes, or manifest entirely unique abilities as a result of the merging; the exact process is unknown, but these individuals are fully retained of their own wills. As such, they can use their powers in whatever ways they desire, though Mael'Koth only grants his powers to his most trusted soldiers.


Little is known of the boy named James that volunteered for Mael’Koth’s promise of greater glory. A slicked up greaser punk befitting the times, his snarky attitude didn’t help him much when invested with power, as his body didn’t handle the changes so well. Only able to hold a seeming fraction of Xander’s true speed, he couldn’t replicate the knives at all, and Mael’Koth’s disgust with such an abject failure led him to fall back upon his own trademark, a pair of switchblade knives, which he coated in an anesthetic poison.

  • Defeated early on by Xander and the rest outside, collapsing into a puddle of the shadowmass of magic within him.


A creation made purely of Mael’Koth’s magic, the solemn boy known as TJ’s clone was little more then a reflection of Mael’s memory of encountering the boy, and a little bit more… though unlike some of the others, he possessed no free will at all, and was quickly defeated during the first encounter with the Academy students.

  • Also collapsed into a shadowmass of the power he was created from.


A young boy gifted with the prowess of his namesake, this entity was actually a mirror for our true Jason, a young soldier who actually led a resistance effort against the GodKing. Though it was doomed to failure, the boy only succumbed after many days of brainwashing, and held a sliver of the GodKing’s power, making him more then human. Almost as well versed in battlefield tactics as his namesake, he put up an impressive fight against the student known as Jacob, only to be beaten unconscious and subdued.

  • Current whereabouts unknown… *since Jacob vanished*


The strange lad known as Morton Brisby had an aptitude for the strange technology Mael’Koth brought to Earth with his arrival, and was one of the youngest scientists to truly grasp what it was capable of. He was one of the team responsible for the mass-production of the faith-driven powersource known as “God’s Tears” that made other technologies possible. As a reward, Mael’Koth gave the boy some of his divine power to echo that of the other electical brainiac he’d encountered… but unfortunately, this drove the boy completely insane. Disgusted with the failure, Mael had the boy imprisoned and only brought out in times of lucidity to help with one project or another. His progress was rapidly degenerating though, and Mael sent him with the others in a last-ditch attempt to let him prove himself.

This clone is one of the one's with a twisted version of it's inspiration's powers, as Anti-Carl's electricity is more bioelectric, and as such, he cannot send currents through the air… instead requiring a conduit, like a copper-braided steel lasso, to transfer the power through.

  • Currently back in the Other Realm with the rest, though a bit broken and harmless for now.


An astute young man, driven by a deep love of his faith and belief in what he feels is right, this twisted version of Brent is perhaps the most closely associated with the one we know. Very soft spoken, his creation stemmed from [Redacted]. After being bestowed with the gifts of his GodKing, Brent sought to make his faith and his dreams a reality the best way he knew how, by spreading the world of his God and helping him destroy any who stood in their way. Still a peaceful soul, Brent refuses to kill, resorting to capture whenever he can and frowning upon the tactics of others. More and more recently, he has begun to question his GodKing, so he has been sent along with the rest on a sort of suicide mission, where his failure or success will ultimately prove his loyalty.

  • Deceased, consumed in flames by Anti-Ron.


This twisted creation stemmed not from a human, but from a lizard itself. Also based upon [Redacted]. Invested with power and grown to human size, he was only taught rudimentary things, as much with pain as though words, which hold little significance to him. Very bestial by nature, this reptile holds no esteem for humans, who he regards as food much as anything else that falls beneath his claws and fangs.

  • Killed in the destruction of the Academy.


Another of Mael’s twisted designs, Jack is probably the one that had to go through the most testing, as Mael’Koth sought to fuse a human with as much animal nature as possible, making him a ‘true’ werecreature. While the extent of these powers is currently unknown, this version of Jack is particularly brutal, relying more on animal instincts and thoughts then human natures… and animals have no conscience….

  • Killed by Jack before the destruction of the Academy.


This metal construct was created as a mockery of the robot that aided in thwarting the GodKing’s plans, and since Mael cannot track those with no spark of life whatsoever, he entrusted the creation of this monstrosity to another of his tormented bunch, the Anti-Alex. She used ancient techniques to invest a basic iron construct with sentience, binding a horrendous soul within the steel. Driven by a need to destroy those possessing the spark of life he lacks, he is only bound by Alex’s will, and Mael’Koth’s through her.

Perhaps another creation close to its inspiration in design, this Giga is what ours would be without any safety protocols in mind.

  • Destroyed before the destruction of the Academy.


Gwendolyn Kane was a soldier in Mael’Koth’s armies from the beginning of the purge. A self-righteous woman, she truly sought glory for herself, and if that brought her master more power, so be it. Her vicious tactics and unwavering faith in herself served them both well, and when the time came for the GodKing to take his revenge upon the mortals that had thwarted him once before, she was among the first to sign up.

Mael’Koth had a particular twist in mind for this one, not knowing how to invest another with something as pure as true light, he instead flooded her soul with shadows. She continued to serve him well, until a particular encounter with one of the remaining survivors that hadn’t gone back to Earth left her with horrible burns across her face, though she kept her life… something for which she’s insanely bitter. The real Genevieve’s pity for her that day is what drives her now, and Gwen longs to see that self-righteous smirk wiped off Genevieve’s face as the light in her eyes fades to black.

  • Assassinated by Izzy's troops while being possessed by Spencer Smith, inadvertently also 'killing' him… again.


Little is known about this mystery, and that’s the way he likes it. While Mael’Koth was looking for recruits to invest a portion of his power within and form an elite squad, a young boy stepped forward and suggested that there might already be people with such powers among them. No record remains to tell of what happened in the talks between the GodKing and this stranger, but what is known is that Mael’Koth was baffled by his powers, and the ease with which he was able to evade falling under the GodKing’s will, even face to face with the creature. Though hesitant to trust the boy, Mael placed him under the command of Gwendolyn, hoping that the boy would prove more of an asset then a detriment…

  • Currently hanging out with Lily and Micro :P


Still to come!


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Still to come!

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