Maerik Marson

Character Details

  • Name: Maerik Oliver Marson
  • Aliases: Archmage
  • Age: 17
  • Height: 6'4"
  • Weight:190lbs
  • Eyes: Hazel (grey-green)
  • Hair: Shaggy, Dark Brown
  • Nationality: American
  • Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
  • * Marital: Dating (""Alexandria Winston-Slater"")
  • Relatives: Father: Marson, Devon Mother: Wyn'del, Klarissa (Deceased)
  • Powers: Sorcery/Magic

Maerik Oliver Marson is one of the original Academy students and the friend of Alexandria Winston-Slater, Genevieve Spettro, Carl Lennox, Ronald Richards and Lily Woodruff. He's served as team leader multiple times, is a member of the Academy's Mage team, and serves as the Apprentice to Lyndrossa, Master of the Black Tower of the Trimagus Council.

Maerik's parent's are Devon Marson, and the Klarissa Wyn'del (Deceased). Maerik has no siblings, but does have an aunt and uncle on his fathers side, as well as a cousin a few years older than him.

Maerik moved to The Academy before his sophomore year of high school after he froze his refrigerator during lunch with his father, and is currently moving into his senior year. Before he transferred however, Maerik was at the top of the world in his highschool. Years of swimming practice and life guarding had, as said by his swim team coach, giving him a good chance of starting on the Varsity Swim team his sophomore year. His interest and success in other sports such as track and baseball had made him quick and accurate, and gotten him noticed. Maerik had always had a charming personality, he was clever but goofy while being easy to talk to, and was able to make quick friends, especially with girls. It was no secret. Maerik was attractive, athletic, smart and popular, all things girls wanted in a guy and he had no problems finding a date for friday nights. However Maerik's appearance as an alpha male made it hard for him to make male friends that didn't just want to ride his coattails towards popularity.

When his powers manifested, Maerik was pulled away from his normal, high school life and sent to live at The Academy. His start was rough but the same traits he had in high school, as well as his placement into The Academy's Alpha Strike team once again put him into the spotlight.


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First Appearance- Maerik Marson 9/24/08

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