Maggie Taylor

Name:Maggie Taylor
Age: 47(not sure if i should make her older?)
Position: Nurse
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 120 (? not sure about the weight of little people LOL)
Hair color:
Eye color:
Build: Average to athletic

Maggie originally went to med school to be a doctor. She wanted to fix people. She studied every aspect of human biology and wanted to know how to cure every aliment known to man. After graduating top of her class and knowing how to perform the most complicated of surgeries, she still felt unfulfilled in her knowledge of curing the ill. She spent several years after college traveling the globe learning homeopathic and "witch doctor" skills as well. While traveling she volunteered her services to the Peace Core, Red Cross, and other charities to help get her into area's to gather more information.

Very pleasant, eager, and active. She was recruited by the WCA to assist in curing an outbreak of a rare disease. She enjoys meeting new students and learning how their ability effect the genome. This has help lead her to curing and healing several otherwise difficult cases.

(After that I don't know this was just a basic idea i had, if you would like to add anything else please feel free to do so.)

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