Mark Hunter
Personal Data
Real Name: Mark Hunter
Known Aliases: Kid Ranger, Shortbow
Age: 41
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 210
Hair Colour: Dirty Blonde
Eye Colour: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Place of Birth: Detroit
Base of Operations: {$hometown}
Known Relatives: {$relatives}
Known Powers
Burst Super Speed, Super Strength, Expert Marksmanship, Archery, Combat, Survival

Kid Ranger



Mark spent a short time working under the alias Shortbow as a young adult. He had retired the Kid Ranger persona of his youth and quit being The Ranger's sidekick. As Shortbow he led a solo career with occasional partnership with his friend and training partner Longbow the boy who held the Kid Ranger mantle before he did.


Beginning his super hero career at a young age by his generation’s standards, Mark was a promising Golden Age values hero. He was seen as a bright star of morality and justice in a time of cynicism and wary. Praised for his intellect and leadership he quickly rose to the challenges of a hero. Defeating enemy after enemy with little or no real challenge in a fight, his good deeds slowly began to fade from the minds of the mainstream. His intervention in crime became almost expectant of him and he rarely even received a “Thank You”. He became weary of the constant battles with no real purpose behind them. He alone, no matter how many times he put the bad guys behind bars, would not be able to end crime.

After 10 years of “superheroing” Mark decided he needed a break from all of the power flinging. He decided he wanted to settle down, start a career, open up his own business, and maybe even start a family. After spending most of his childhood dreaming of being a superhero, most of his teen years training to be one, and all of his young adult life being one, he craved a normal adult life and adulthood was creeping up on him. He enrolled in law school to become a lawyer and hopefully start his own firm. After attending a few classes he received a lot of opposition from his classmates and even some teachers. He wasn’t taken seriously nor was he able to build any relationships. People still saw him as a superhero and wanted him to stay that way for their own reasons even if it meant he was unhappy. He started viewing others as selfish and unrealistic. He didn’t want to have to be the one everyone looked up to. He didn’t want to be held to such high standards.

Finding himself stumbling by a bar after a hard day of classes and criticism, he decides to go in. He met a lot of “colorful” personalities that night, and before he knew it he was pounding down drinks. His first time drinking anything outside of some kind of award ceremony, Mark struggled to down his 31st shot. Finishing his round he began to feel the results of his actions. He quickly dizzied, dazzled by the neon lights of the bar signs he falls back into his seat.

Working his way up from the ground he looks outside of the bar window to see a store across the street being robbed. Almost instinctively, he gathers himself as best he can and attempts to apprehend the criminals. He’s sloppy at best, unable to focus or comprehend what was going on throughout the fight, the petty criminals actually manage to pose a challenge for the broken hero. Recovering from a fist across his jaw Mark comes up with a way to stop the criminals. He begins to focus harder and as the criminals attempt to make their getaway he grabs a few nearby items and forms a makeshift Bow and Arrow. As the car drives off he takes aim stretching the bow string to its limit. He waits while his swirling vision lines itself up for the perfect shot. The car makes it way out of his shooting range especially with such a fragile, crappy bow. The two frames of his sight finally line up, and it is in that instant that his sight zooms in at superhuman range on his target; he releases his pull on the bowstring and sends the stone tipped arrow flying at his target with an incredible force. The makeshift bow explodes from the force created by the release and sends Mark back a bit. The stone tipped arrow charges at its target at such high speeds its impact destroys not only the back right wheel it was intended for but the wheel in front of it as well before it came to a halt.

The car spins out of control crashing into a nearby light post. As the criminals attempt to exit the car the police arrive and surround them. A police woman comes to Mark’s aid seeing he is sprawled out along the street. “Are you okay!?” She asks worried. The Police were informed that the mighty hero was having trouble with the criminals he was trying to apprehend. They figured the enemy must be fairly powerful if they could give the hero trouble and so they had arrived on the scene in force and expectant of the worse. Mark sat up dazed and simply muttered, “That was fun” before promptly falling back to sleep.
It was that day that Mark found that he had been bored. He had been living his entire life for others and that was what had made him so unhappy. It wasn’t a normal life he wanted, it was a life he could enjoy. From that day on Mark decided to conduct himself as he pleased, he now lives in a state of perpetual drunkenness claiming that “It gives baddies, a chance" and "it makes things a hell of a lot more fun!” Recreating his appearance, attitude and life he dons the name Strongbow, named after the beer he got drunk off of his first night, and carries around a handmade bow strapped to his back.

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