The rise is always worth the fall.
The rise is always worth the fall.
Personal Data
Real Name: Maryanne Spears
Known Aliases: The Pop Star
Age: 22(Perpetually)
Height: 5'6"
Weight: Undisclosed
Hair Color: Varies
Eye Color: Hazel(Natural), Green or Blue (Contacts)
Biographical Data
Nationality: American, Jamaican
Place of Birth: Jamaica
Base of Operations: NY, New York
Known Relatives: "Grand Father": Mabus
"Father": Franz
"Sister": Joanna
Known Powers
Cursed Vampirism, Demon Magic



Mary, in life, was a young, blooming pop star. She embraced the dark theme of many pop stars and created a character/alter ego for herself. She performed her role as a pop star to a T' and earned herself much in the way of fame and fortune. Her rise to fame was as swift as one can imagine and some conspirators made wild accusations like, "shes sold her soul to the devil" and the like. Unfortunately, they weren't far off. While performing as a no name dancer in Nirvana, she happened to catch the eye of the club owner and Arch Vampire, Zepar. He could feel her desires and her willingness to do anything it took to bring them into reality was euphoric to him. He offered her everything she could ever want and in return he would one day make her his "bride". She became everything she wanted, he had held up his side of the deal. However, she was not willing to just give herself over to him. Franz, a feeble man-turned vampire who was infatuated with her for some time could feel her betrayal. He knew Zepar would torment her if she chose to try and run from him, so he made the choice for her. He took her life, but to his surprise she rose again. Choosing life as the undead, Mary carried a deep hatred for this man who turned her. She would never be able to retain her fame and status among the world of the living. And she was oblivious to the true nature of the man Zepar who gave her everything she ever wanted, making it easy for him to manipulate her and her sister Joanne into taking control of their clan.

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