Behold the Voice of the one true God!
Behold the Voice of the one true God!
Personal Data
Real Name: Metatron
Known Aliases: Voice of God, The Messenger, He Who Speaks
Age: Unknown, at least 4'000
Height: 7'6"
Weight: Unknown
Hair Colour: Gold
Eye Colour: Gold
Biographical Data
Nationality: Angelic
Place of Birth: Heaven
Base of Operations: Heaven
Known Relatives: Sandalphon - Twin Brother
Known Powers
Angelic, Vast Knowledge, Teleportation, Transmutation


Perhaps one of the most famous and most well known of all angel, is that of The Metatron, the voice of God. He is the messanger of God's will, passing it down to mortality so that they may carry out his will. At least, that's what people think he's doing.



To the eyes of mortals, the Metatron is a glorious sight to behold. A tall, perfectly sculpted human made of flawless silver and trimmed with the finest, ornate gold; like a suit of armour made in the guise of the perfect man. Even his hair and eyes are made of gold, as is the mysterious symbol on his forehead. This body is clad in robe of pure white, silk and is inlaid with golden thread. From his back sprouts a pair of metallic wings that hold rows of large, platinum feathers that shimmer with light and are sharp enough to cut through steel.

His real form remains something of a mystery. Very few people in all history have ever seen it and fewer have recorded any details on the matter. The only conclusive bits of information involves his mouth or…mouths as some have reported. Whatever his form is, it is something truely terrifying and will drive those who see it completely insane.

Powers & Abilities:

Like all angels, Metatron has no need for food, water or sleep and will never age; he can also fly at up to mach five and has incredibly far reaching telepathy that can even overcome most mental barriers. The Metatron can also teleport instantly around the planet if it sees fit and it has been witnessed to reform matter in front of it's eyes to suit it's will. It has also been proven that the Metatron has encyclopedic knowledge of everything on Earth, with vast personal knowledge of everyone on Earth.


Nobody is entirely sure how Metatron and Sandalphon are Twin Brothers considering they were not born and don't have parents. It's best to just not ask.

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