Mmrrr Click Click

Professor Mmrrr(click)(Click) teaches most of the language courses at the Academy. He has learned over 136 human languages since his arrival to Earth three years ago. In addition he knows several thousand more alien languages. He also has a knack for teaching.

Mmrrr(click)(Click) is the sole survivor of an alien ship launched by an alien race called the Hiss-bRR(mm)rr-HISS. He was ship's protocol officer and his job was to facilitate alien contact. This was natural for Mmrrr(click)(Click) as he has the ability to quickly pick up not only a new society's language, but also its culture. Worse case, he can pick up a language as quickly as it is spoken or shown to him. Apparently this is the result of a lifetime of training that started while he still in his egg. Even then, less then one percent become a successful sociamorph.

He could hob-nob with Thai royalty in the morning, have lunch with at a prestegious Paris art gallery with pretentious critics, and then share a six-pack with the crowd at a Georgia NASCAR race in the evening. In each scenario he would not only fit but he would enjoy himself as well. It is not an act. He assimilates COMPLETELY. The only indication that one would have that he did not belong was his four foot tall glowing blue carapace and eight insectoid limbs. Granted, it is a big giveaway.

He has learned to be careful to maintain the teacher persona and not to over identify with students. This is hard for him to do. Still, many a student is surprised to learn that he is more in tune with teen culture than they are.

Professor Mmmm-click-CLICK's one major pet peeve is when other mispronounce his name. Some have tried to call him Professor "Em," but he refuses to accept it as a suitable nickname, and insists that a more accurate translation would be "Bob." Don't ask.

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