Mother Abigail
Mother Abigail
Personal Data
Real Name: Abigail Indira
Known Aliases: Abigail the Joyous
Age: Unknown, currently appears to be in her early 30's
Height: 5'6"
Weight: Undisclosed
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Green/Hazel
Biographical Data
Nationality: American, Indian
Place of Birth: India
Base of Operations: Agra
Known Relatives: {$relatives}
Known Powers
Earth Magic


The head of the Body denomination this robust woman wraps herself in light fabrics and shawls. She is very expressive in her love of life and encourages her followers to do the same. She is ever appreciative of everything; yes, everything that comes her way, because she sees everything in this mortal life as a gift from beyond the Gates. Some gifts are meant to be accepted and enjoyed; some are meant to be challenges upon our character a chance for us to grow. It is through this love and appreciation for all the simple complications that make up our world that she and her followers believe will lead to the opening of the Gates. Abigail is a powerful practitioner of earth magic specializing in what she calls Flow or Nature’s Magic.


The Golden Gates Church

Powers & Abilities

Earth Magic
Abigail has knowledge of every spell of an Earth elemental alignment and has mastered most if not all of these spells.

Flow Magic
Abigail is deeply in tuned with natural magic. She can detect and feel the flow of magic in an environment. Upon connecting with her surroundings she can infuse it with her own magic power and/or assert her will over it.

Nature's Service - This defensive spell will mystically pervert the fauna and flora in an area and bring them to the defense of the caster and anyone whom they wish.

Nature's Wisdom - This spell allows her the ability to gather all information in an area so long as magic flowed through it.

Nature's Grace - This spell increases the physical attributes of the target.



“Paradise lies beyond the Gates. We must ready ourselves for the gift of paradise through our appreciation of the gifts of this world.” – Mother Abigail

“Would the Gate’s really open to a people who revel in their own destruction?” – Mother Abigail about the Love denomination

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