Mother Megan
Mother Megan
Personal Data
Real Name: Megan St. Claire
Known Aliases: Megan the Zealous
Age: 26
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 110lb
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American, British
Place of Birth: American
Base of Operations: Cambridge
Known Relatives: {$relatives}
Known Powers
Wind Magic


The head of the Wings denomination is a “spirited” young woman. She is usually seen in less traditional garb choosing to wear more ‘rugged’ attire. She believes in the physical reality of the Gates as a place to be reached here on Earth. It is the duty of man to seek out and find these Gates through his own machinations. Her belief in practicality set her denomination apart from the others. Her faith is constantly in question due to her ambitious pursuit of what the others believe to exist beyond the realm of man. Meagan is a talented applicant of wind magic. Perhaps her most distinguishing characteristic is how she uses magic to fuel technology. Her talent at mixing both the powers of her magic and the practicality of her devices is something to be marveled.


The Golden Gates Church

Megan was a genius at birth having been born in the church. An infant, her heart was always in the sky, as a child her mind was always in the clouds. She dreamed a lot and her dreams were big. She dreamed about soaring through the skies and she wondered what lies beyond. All throughout her time in school she was at the top of her classes, as well as a superb athlete. Ironically, her talent for magic was lacking for the majority of her youth. She didn't see the logic in it and struggled to grasp the seemingly chaotic nature of it. It wasn't until her "brother" showed her a more structured way of viewing the craft that she really opened up to it. Seeing magic from a scientific perspective allowed Megan to master spells outside of her assumed ability at faster rates than even her older brother. Eventually she got so good at natural magics that she decided she would prefer becoming an artificer, and working on imbuing objects with magic so that those who struggled to grasp the concepts could keep up with the genius' that it came easy to.

Powers & Abilities

Wind Magic
Megan has knowledge of every spell of a Wind elemental alignment and has mastered most if not all of these spells.

Fuel Magic
Megan has the unique ability to fuel technical devices with mystic forces.

Mech Shot - Megan can fire an assortment of "wind shells" with various destructive effects from her weapons.

Mech Wing - A small concealed set of wings is used to generate a gravity defying flight effect giving her near perfect maneuverability.

Mech Bang - Grenades/bombs holding highly pressurized-condensed, air capable of holding up to a tornado level whirlwind.

Mech Summon - Capable of summoning an assortment of steampunk-esque machines and robots.



“How can we believe in the reality of the Gates yet, believe not in the cloud upon which it stands.” – Mother Meagan

“Those who delude themselves with the distractions of this world leave themselves condemned to stagnation. To find truth is to use what tools we were given and rise beyond the limits of the natural.” - Mother Meagan about the Body denomination.

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