Mr. Gallows

Name: Real Name Unknown, goes bye Olaf or Eric
AKA: Mr. Gallows

Age: Unknown, approximately 17
Ethnicity: Caucasian (most likely Scandinavian of some sort)
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 150lbs
Hair: Gray
Eyes: Gray ( few reddish-blond hairs remain scattered about though)
Birthplace: Unknown
Base of Operations: The Institute

Background: The young man who now calls himself Mr. Gallows remembers very little of his past. He has a few memories of his childhood, living in a house surrounded by snow and playing with his two brothers while under the watchful eye of their mother. Beyond that there are a few scattered memories of the woods behind his highschool, fighting a bully and losing, seeing a truck ram into a blue car and skiing down a snow covered hill with a girl.

Beyond these few remnants, much of his memory is missing. The first clear memories he has is being dragged off the side of the road by the paramedics while the cut the noose off from around his neck and tried to get him breathing again. Apparently he died on the operating table, twice, before finally reaching a stable condition.

He spent the next week in the hospital, trying to remember his past but all that crept into his mind were thoughts of the noose and recurring 18 symbols running around inside his head. He would dream of hanging by his neck in the cold winter breeze, surrounded by snow but he was never afraid, all he could think about was the number 18 - the dreams were always cut short by doctors and nurses rushing in to start him breathing again as it always stopped when he dreamed.

This would carry on for the next month and he feared he would never remember his past and would probably never leave the hospital as he almost died every time he slept.

Then one night the dream was cut short as the noose broke and he fell to the snow, it felt warm to his near dead flesh and he could hear music playing in his mind, now the number 18 made sense and he could read the pictures and symbols that swirled around in his mind. That night he escaped, using his new found charms he could easily talk his way out of the hospital and away towards freedom.

While the dreams and the symbols made sense(most of them, only 17 make sense, the 18th in still a mystery), he still couldn't remember who he was apart from the fact that his name might be Olaf, or maybe Eric…or maybe those were the names of his brothers; the only thing he did know is that this was not his native land.

Over the next few weeks he made his way by charming most people that got in his way until he one day he drew the attention of someone much more "in the know" who took an interest in him. By the next morning he was contact by The Institute and told that they had dealt with similar cases like him before and that if he served until his 18th birthday (which would of course be when they say it is) they would help him recover his memory.

With nothing else in the world and drive to remember who he was, he accepted and joined the ranks of The Institute as a villain; not so much reluctantly but more disinterested with their plans and dealings, caring only to serve out his term and then, finally remember.

Appearance: Mr. Gallows is around average height and weight with very pale skin that is almost white, a trait often highlighted by his gray eyes and hair (which was once red-blond); he looks as if all the colour has been drawn out of him. He often wears a dull gray suit with a white shirt and a noose in place of a necktie as a memento to the state in which they originally found him. His hands are always covered with wrappings of cloth, often only revealing the ends of his skeletal and withered fingers. People who pay close attention to him will also notice that he doesn't seem to breathe and will see that his skin is slightly bruised around his neckline as if he has been choked (this bruising never vanishes).

Personality: Overall he is rather quiet and stern, seemingly contemplating the world with every waking moment of his life as if he's trying to figure out something he knows that he can't. He is far from ambitious or violent and only works for the Institute with the promise of helping him figure out exactly what happened to him.

Powers: Mr. Gallows main power comes from one of his few memories, the 18 Charms. He is unsure of how he learned them but at some point in his life he was taught of how to summon up his will and access 18 renowned charms. He can use any of these charms at will with no cost to himself (no prep-time, no draining experience, just instant with a thought); however, due to either some limitation of his own mind or the condition of the charms, he can only ever use 9 charms a day, no matter what. As such he generally has to be careful as to which ones he uses and when as he does not want to run out and get stuck needing one of them.

The Charms are as follows:
1 - Remove pain (both physical and emotional)
2 - Healing Touch
3 - Repel Weapons (lasts about 5 seconds)
4 - Instant Escape from any trap or bond
5 - Immunity to arrows and bullets (one use per projectile)
6 - Repel Magic
7 - Negate Fire
8 - Gain a person's Trust/Friendship
9 - Change Direction/Intensity of the Wind
10 - AnitMage (causes Mages to become confused, disoritent and unable to focus for a short time, thus making it very hard for them to cast spells)
11 - Grant Temporary Immunity to ally (lasts 5-10 seconds)
12 - Communicate with the Dead or Comatose
13 - Curse or Bless a child (must be less than 3 years old)
14 - Instantly know someone's full name
15 - Control Dreams
16 - Gain a person's love/affection
17 - Limited mind control (limited to about a 3-4 word command)
18 - The Big Mystery Charm that he has never used as he can't seem to remember it no matter how hard he tries (in fact, the harder he tries to remember it, the more he forgets about it)

Along with his charms, he seems to have stopped breathing over the last few months and as far as he can tell, he only breathes once a day (maybe less). He has also started to develop strange, recurring dreams that seem to gleam insight into personal natures of other people - he is usually unaware of who that person in though until he meets them and gets some kind of clue that might link them to his dream.

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