Mrs Emilia Desantos
Try the pancakes
Try the pancakes
Mrs. DeSantos
Personal Data
Real Name: Mrs. Emelia Josephina DeSantos
Known Aliases: None
Age: 63
Height: 5'4"
Weight: Undisclosed
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Filipino-American
Place of Birth: Philippines
Base of Operations: The Academy
Known Relatives: Husband: Jorge (Deceased), Children/Grandchildren: Many
Known Powers
Culinary Mastery

Mrs. Emelia Josephina DeSantos is the ACADEMY "lunchlady." She is famous for her ability to pop up with enormously elaborate meals at a drop of the hat, and plays the role of everyone's grandmother. She has Sunday and Mondays off, and it takes five people to take her place, and even then they don't come close to taking her place. She often takes trip to visit one of her 6 children and 12 grand children scatter throughout the world. Everyone is sad to see her go for several reasons.

Although she is not a super, her husband Jorge was. He was a armored gadgeteer named "Steel Vengeance." (She fondly jokes he worked so hard to live up to his name but he was a real softie.) They were both from the Philippines, Manilla, and wherever he moved around the world she followed him, taking the opportunity to take cooking classes where she went. He joined the Academy Faulty about 12 years ago and his wife joined as the cook. Jorge passed way of natural causes about six years ago at 58. Jorge doted on his wife and her hobby and used to build special cooking devices just for her in his spare time. Note these are not Ronco Slice-o-matics we are talking about. Some of these devices are powered by an as-of-yet unidentified power source. Dr. Nakagawa tried once to examine one, but after three days only succeeded in getting a headache and getting escorted out of the kitchen by irate Mrs. DeSantos when she got back from visiting here new grandson Nelson in Oregon.

Some say that five years ago, the school cafeteria was invaded by Durak and tried to hold the students hostage. The details are hazy and often conflicted, but rumor has it that kitchen devices and equipment was not the only thing he left his beloved wife. In any event, Durak has not stepped foot anywhere near the ACADEMY since then.

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