Ms Swanson
One of the many faces of Ms. Swanson
One of the many faces of Ms. Swanson
Ms. Swanson
Personal Data
Real Name: Ms. Swanson
Known Aliases: Too many to list
Age: Varies
Height: Varies
Weight: Varies
Hair Colour: Varies
Eye Colour: Varies
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: The Academy
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Shapeshifting, Task Managing


Like most places of business, the first person visitors meet is the receptionist. First time visitors to the ACADEMY are often taken aback by how normal and friendly the ACADEMY receptionist is. Frequent visitors may be a bit surprised by the high turnover rate of receptionists at the ACADEMY. Rarely do they get to meet the same woman twice. However, there is no turnover rate, Ms. Swanson has been the receptionist at the ACADEMY for a long time. The truth is she is a shape shifter, and her form changes frequently.

Personality and Appearance

Ms. Swanson is very professional and punctual in all her forms. She is also very difficult to fluster perhaps a side effect from being exposed to all the weirdness. She is almost always friendly as well, whether she is a thoughtful gray haired retiree, or an exuberant young college student.
However, students soon learn if you see a attractive brunette with wild curly hair, wearing a leather jacket and black miniskirt, a scar over her right eye, and a death's head tattoo on her left shoulder, it means stay away, Ms. Swanson in a very bad mood. Ms. Swanson personality and appearance seem to be interlinked. Normally however her shape wanders depending on her mood and emotion and this seems to be unconscious, although she seems to be able to hold to one form if she wishes. No one know what her true appearance is or even is she has a single true appearance.

Powers and Abilities

Ms. Swanson shape changing powers are formidable, but it not know long she hold to one form, or if she is cable of mimic others. It seems she can only take on the forms or normal human females. No one knows her real form or indeed if she has one. Nor is anyone quite sure of her origin or how old she is or how long she been working at the ACADEMY. No one seems to remember a time she was NOT there, including Dean Henderson.

In short, student see her all the time, but do not know what she looks like, and they know even less of her personal life.

  • "Dean Henderson, the President on line three, The Premier of China on line four, and you have five students in the lobby, one of whom just ate the sofa. Shall I handle the President and Premier for you while you handle the more urgent matters?"
  • "Oh. You cut yourself. paper cuts are the worst aren't they? Let me help you, I have some antibiotic ointment and a toxic clean up kit here in my drawer."
  • "I'm sorry. I having a blond moment here."
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