Coatlicue, the Obsidian Butterfly

Founder of the Illusion and Enchantment sphere of magic, and the Goddess of the Order of the Red.


The rest continued to study him, and each other, as the winds blew from the west. A subtle power had been building, unnoticed by most, but they could feel it like a storm on the horizon. The very trees seemed to exhale, and small fluttering insects came forth like a locust swarm… but these creatures held many colors, though their dominant trait was all black. The swarm spun together, and as their spirals tightened they all paused for a moment in unison, as if stopping upon something, before bursting apart and scattering to the heavens. Where they’d stopped now stood a woman, barely shoulder height to many of the males, though none present could take their eyes off her. Her skin was like polished black marble; her eyes swirling pits of darkness with hints of stars shining within. She was clad in a simple linen robe, and bore a knife of fire-polished obsidian upon a simple rope belt. She wore many tight necklaces of jade around her neck, and several more bracelets of the same stone around each arm and her ankles. She stood barefoot, though as she moved forward, they all noticed her feet never touched the ground.. she simply willed herself forward, and didn’t bother with walking… no, for that was beneath a goddess. And goddess was how she was worshiped, her people still far too primitive to know more. But she did. She was an Aztec Goddess made flesh, Coatlicue, the goddess of the earth. To the rest, her name whispered itself into their minds: Obsidian Butterfly. She was enchanting and enchantress, and her name would be worshiped by her people for millenia.

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