Entire generations litter the grounds, the bones of thousands ready to be commanded...
Entire generations litter the grounds, the bones of thousands ready to be commanded…
Clan Info
Clan Name: Ostoun
aka: Clan of Bone; Skeletons, Necros, Deathies
Origin: Plagued
Founder: Xerves, 2nd of the Three
Established: 700 A.D.
No. of Members: approx. 300 worldwide, possibly more hidden.
Current Leader: Circe the Pale
Additional Info
Base of Operations: Formerly Venice, Italy; more recently New Orleans, U.S.A.
Minor Bloodlines: one.
Known Powers and Abilities
Dominion of Bone.



The Ostoun, or Clan of Bone, are an ancient clan, and proclaim themselves among the first of the Plagued, alongside the Hamia and Dero. (The Plagued legends citing the first powers mastered by Plagued vampires being the paths of Blood, Bone and Flesh.)


All Bone Clan vampires are skeletal in appearance, a side effect of their bloodline. This ranges from emaciated in the youngest, to true skin-stretched-tight-over-bone in the elders. For this reason, the clan rarely socializes with mortals, instead operating behind the scenes through intermediaries. As a result of such service, the Ostoun are unusually tradition-bound, and their is a clear chain of command within the clan to ensure the survival of their bloodline as a whole.

Powers & Abilities:

  • Blood Binding: Ostoun cannot use their blood to ghoul a mortal… however, they can use it after a mortal's death, binding their bones to service (as zombies). Such creatures tend to quickly decay, leaving them little more then mindless skeletal guardians, but the Ostoun embrace this and generally any powerful Bone Clan has a horde of skeletal servitors ready to combat any intruders.
  • Blood Fortitude: Like the Hule, the Ostoun can burn blood to enhance their fortitude, letting their flesh act like bone in durability with ease. Masters of this effect are stronger then bone, more akin to the hardest steel. As a side effect of the blood, this ability actually makes their skin more pale while used, as their skin hardens and bleaches like the bones they really are.
  • Call Bone: A truly frightening power worthy of respect, the Ostoun can call upon the bones of another creature, manipulating them to service. Generally this can be used to grow bone as well, and the base use is in the creation of zombies and skeletons to serve, though many Ostoun also use this to create weapons from bone with the durability of steel.
  • Bone Command: Elders of the Ostoun can actually manipulate the bones of others, making humans and other vampires actually move like marionettes. This power is extremely painful, and will generally render a mortal unconscious. Vampires fear this, because Ostoun can rip the bones right from their flesh, without actually killing the creatures.
  • Necromancy: Because of their origins and explorations along the Path of Bone, many Ostoun are proficient in Necromantic Sorcery. The eldest among them are truly formidable within this school, and have had hundreds of years to practice.


  • Hunger of Bone: Ostoun suffer a curse, that though they can survive off blood, it leaves them unsatisfied. Instead, Bone Clan vampires must feed off the marrow within bones to truly survive. Obviously this leaves their victims compromised, but hey, you have to get parts for all those skeletons from somewhere…
  • Carrion Feeders: A secondary effect of their primary weakness, Ostoun feed off the dead, not off the living. Preferably, the dead are fresh, though older Ostoun could care less… all bones have marrow, and they'll find it.
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