Out For Blood

A trio of young heroes find themselves assigned with a daunting task which leaves each of them question just how far they're willing to go for the sake of the greater good.

:: Approximately 13 hours ago ::

Genevieve tossed a wave at the desk towards Raine, the student assistant Ms. Swanson seemed intent on molding, before heading into the office. There was little hesitation in Gen's steps as she walked inside - after all, she had been called specifically. After having been studying case files and looking for appropriate ones, Genevieve figured the Headmistress now wanted results.

"You wanted to see me?" she queried as she entered, noticing Ms. Swanson in her usual 'off hours' form, hair undone but still professionally clinging behind the stiff white collar of her blouse. The woman's trademark glasses were firmly in place, and once again Genevieve wondered briefly if they were part of her shape shifting, or a prop she genuinely needed to use to see. She never did bother to ask.

"Ms. Spettro." the headmistress purred, sitting behind her desk and wearing a smug smile. "It seems something has come across my desk that might suit your talents…" she held a folder out to Genevieve, and even as the pale goth reached a hand to take it, Ms. Swanson pulled it back slightly. "…and your utmost discretion." she added, waiting for Genevieve to nod before finally handing it over.

Genevieve flipped open the case file, typical of the Academy, though noticed many lines of text were blacked out. She took in what details she could noting with a raised eyebrow that this came across like -

"It's a problem that needs fixing, nothing more." Ms. Swanson said, interrupting the girl's thoughts smoothly, once again leaving Gen wondering how she managed to read people so easily. "Don't read too much into it. Unfortunately, more and more 'jobs' like this have been coming across my desk, and this one is one of the few that presents a real threat." She tipped her head, looking at Genevieve over the top of her glasses.

"You may use whatever means you deem necessary to take care of this mission. Attached to the main file you will find a list of qualified candidates who should be clued into the nature of this mission, and sworn to discretion. The top is the most specialized - I strongly suggest his participation, as well as one of the others. You will operate in a three man cell, and should you fail the Academy will disavow any knowledge of your even being in the area. Are we clear?" she finished, her tone one of strong authority.

Still scanning the file, Genevieve flipped over the list of names. A three man team left her little to work with, especially given that one slot was already filled by the top candidate. His specialties ran along these lines almost too perfectly…

"Crystal." Genevieve said with finality, making up her mind. She'd been inactive far too long, and was anxious to do some field work.

With a final nod, Ms. Swanson dismissed her, and Genevieve headed out to call the candidates and make preparations to depart immediately.

:: NOW ::

They crossed the border of Washington with relative ease, and were quickly coming up to the rumored town of Forks, where their targets supposedly dwelt. Genevieve had little to say on the car ride, and the other two didn't seem keen on talking, but with the town now less then ten minutes away, she started preparing herself mentally.

"Ten minutes guys. Gear up and be ready - I want to swing through town first once and do some quick surveillance, get a feel for the area, before we decide where we shall stop."

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