Personal Data
Real Name: Panama S.
Known Aliases: Soul
Age: 33
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 140
Hair Color: Low-cut Caesar
Eye Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Place of Birth: New York, America
Base of Operations: Manhattan
Known Relatives: {$relatives}
Known Powers
Astral Projection, Healing


Panama is a dreamer. He is generally a laid back contemplative man but he retains a strong sense of justice. He is quick to joke and even quicker to laugh, and maintains a playful attitude. He has a talent with words and a respectable introspection. The son of a former Black Panther Panama was born with a strong sense of the injustices that go on in the world. He remained aware, aware of the way the tides shift. It was hard for a young boy growing up with such a depressing awareness, to deal with this world and so he became somewhat disassociated it. So, he would prefer himself in the world of the videogames that were growing parallel to him.

They say the view is always clearer from the outside looking in. By setting himself in the various worlds of his games he was able to see a clearer picture. In some ways it broadened his understanding of how systems work, how worlds are built. He developed a habit of writing down his problems, his thoughts, and emotions. As he grew he soon learned of his unnatural abilities. He could leave his body at will. Panama was not bound by the flesh alone.

After some time of practice and overall use of his ability he began to notice the effects of his astral form. As it made "contact" with living beings they seemed to mend and heal damage and grow in vitality. Developing his abilities and himself over time he assumed a role in the world that he was comfortable with. He took to the poetry circuit to spread his understanding as best he knew how. His poetry carried a playfully but profound message. His life made a significant change when a member of his audience at a show in NYC came to him. This man offered him a new means to an end. He saw in Panama the gentle soul of a fighter, a reluctant warrior in the midst of an indomitable war with insurmountable odds. But this man, Leader, believed that in time all things would be made fair. Uhuru was that means, the machine that would bring liberation, equality, and most importantly, freedom.



Soul Self
-Astral Projection

• Astral self leaves host body and merges with the body of the wounded where it begins repairing damage done
• His Aura slowly mends the spirit of those around him bolstering vitality and healthiness
• When his soul self is within his body he has a regenerative healing factor


Panama Soweto is an actual poet and super-hero fan who this character has been modeled after. This is a character and as such, information may not be true to the real man.

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