Paranorm Incorporated

Paranorm Incorporated

Going Beyond the Norm

Type: Public
Founded: Westchester, New York
Founder: Guy Ghastly
Headquarters: Para dome, New York City, New York
Area Served: World Wide
Key People: Guy Ghastly (Chairman) & (CEO)
Thomas E. Mainers (Technology President)
Michael T. Pain (Production President)
Industry: Weapons Technology, Alternative Energy resources

Notable Products:

Green Flow – Power Cores with the energy levels of nuclear power with a considerably safer structure.

Phantom xi666 – The Phantom xi666 is a military grade fighter jet with unmatched camouflage capabilities and a precision communication network.

Ecto-nade – Impact burst grenades capable of knocking out electronics in similar manner to an EMP pulse.

The Ecto-Skeleton – This suit is lightweight and flexible. It is able to render its users completely invisible and provides multiple ranges of sight. It also comes with impressive mobile communication technologies built in.

Paranorm Network – A highly capable information trafficking and organization system used in many of the Paranorm products. It is fast, very fast, reliable and mobile.

The End of Day Satellite – Undercover as the source for the Paranorm Network, this satellite is armed with a core of concentrated, weapon of mass destruction level, EctoEnergy. It’s been chosen by the US government as the primary method for deflecting or destroy extraterrestrial dangers to the planet. It is also thought of as a last resort weapon by some extremists. It was chosen because of the current untraceable nature of Ecto-energy by foreign powers makes it the perfect weapon for defense without causing alarm.

Revenue: 42.2% ^ $ 143.652 billion (2008)
Operating Income: 40.6% ^ $ 43.709 billion (2008)
Net Income: 1.1% ^ $ 27.859 billion (2008)
Total Assets: $ 209.374 billion (2008)
Employees: 80,000 (Known) 5,000(Secret)

The Gem of Guy Ghastly who virtually built the company from the ground up. Lead by the discovery of the seemingly unlimited natural resource Ecto-Energy or (EE). With this resources untapped potential as an energy source Ghastly, using his military connections from his time spent there as a general, seemingly single handedly sowed the seeds of an empire in the backyard of United States. The feat was impossible for any single man to erect by himself so he was required to invite a few trusted acquaintances into the fold; the genius researcher, Thomas Mainers, and the hard fisted and demanding products manager, Michael Pain. These three men built the company to what it has become today, a corporate giant leading our country into the futures of modern technology.

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