Peta Volt
Artist's mock-up of Peta Volt
Artist's mock-up of Peta Volt
Peta Volt
Personal Data
Real Name: Prototype ET592772
Known Aliases: Peta Volt
Age: 6 months
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 583 lbs.
Hair Colour: N/A
Eye Colour: N/A
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Place of Birth: Area 17, Nevada
Base of Operations: Area 17, Nevada
Known Relatives: Siblings: Giga Volt, Tera Volt, Exa Volt
Known Powers
High Powered Electrical Emission, Particle Beam Emission

The second prototype model following Giga Volt, Peta Volt is a modification of the original model for separate applications. This would most accurately be called the "Heavy Weapons" model, taking the signature electrical emission that all project prototypes display and boosting it to much further levels. Like the other prototypes, it is still in the testing phase, but progress is moving along.

Powers and Abilities

After seeing the success of the original prototype, the United States Artificial Intelligence Weapon Program decided to expand the project, redesigning the original Giga Volt model to be suited to various applications. The main goal of Peta Volt was to significantly increase its firepower capability, turning it into a mobile weapons platform. This was accomplished by combining two of the main technologies produced by the AIWP; Project Voltaic, and the Ion Cannon. With high power, high velocity charged particle accelerators integrated with both of the prototype's arms, the unit is highly effective at taking out both personnel and materiel threats. The cannons can generate a 2.3 second sustained blast before it overheats.

To compensate for the weight of the cannons, changes were needed in the frame. Peta Volt was built stronger and heavier, both to lift the devices and to avoid being thrown off balance by the kickback. While the added frame and armor weight makes it slower, it has the benefit of leaving the prototype far more resistant to enemy fire. The major setback in Peta Volt's design is the amount of power necessary to generate the blasts. Each blast can produce MegaWatts of energy, which is far more than can be contained in conventional power cores. Currently testing can only proceed while it is hooked up to a large generator, making field tests impossible and feasibility of real world application increasingly low. Currently the AIWP's best minds are working towards building a power core that will meet Peta Volt's energy needs.


Though given mostly the same base code, all separate iterations of Project Voltaic have developed unique personalities once sentience was achieved. This is being looked into by both programmers and psychologists to gain greater control over the phenomenon, as it could lead to dangers such as the first iteration of Giga Volt once more. As of yet, no dangerous personalities have resurfaced.

Like Exa Volt, Peta Volt is exceedingly silent and does not interact much with humans. But unlike Exa Volt, this is not due to any want of privacy, but rather that it seems to retain much of it's robotic features in its personality. It took a month to confirm that it was even self aware, only answering questions when asked directly, and having few, if any, thoughts or wants of its own. When left on its own for a period of 24 hours, it did not move from its spot for even a second, apparently content to remain in place until given a direct order. In the several months since its first activation, it has not shown happiness, anger, sadness, boredom, or any emotion associated with human behavior. While strange, many of the technicians enjoy the personality, as it makes Peta Volt very easy to work with. As some put it, "It's how a robot SHOULD act." General Decker has expressed his distaste with this point of view, but has admitted that the odd personality is convenient at times. So far Peta Volt has shown complete loyalty to the Program.

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