If I fight it, however futile it may be, it counts for something right? It has has to mean something...
If I fight it, however futile it may be, it counts for something right? It has to…it has to mean something…
Personal Data
Real Name: Peter Brown
Known Aliases: Raum's Chosen, Mr. Rager
Age: 26 (Perpetually)
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 154lb
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Dark Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Place of Birth: America
Base of Operations: Cleveland, Ohio
Known Relatives: Mother, Father, Sister
Known Powers
Cursed Vampirism, Demon Magic


Peter is quite the gifted individual. He is very calm, idealistic and even reasonable. He is Raum's Chosen, an unfortunate soul Raum decided to to turn in hopes that he might bring about peace in the currently volatile vampire world. Whether this peace comes at the conclusion of a war, or with careful negotiation remains to be seen, however Raum's chosen always leads to a time of peace. Peter rejects his "forced" destiny and immortality. He refuses to become a monster who relinquished his life to save his life. A monster that live's by constantly taking life. But, at the same time he want's it. Purpose, reverence, direction; he want's the thrill of the hunt, he wants to live. He made that choice, even a cursed vampire as powerful as Raum cannot force a person turned. He accepted life, at the price, of his soul. He can't accept this side of him. This selfishness that would see the lives of thousands ruined just so that he could continue to walk amongst the living. The Rager inside, fueled by lesser instinct and selfish


(This video came out month's after I made this character, but it is beyond perfect. A visual/auditory representation of the character.)


Peter was a loner and a loser. In life, he was a waste with no direction and no desire. He merely survived scraping by as best he could. As cliche' as it may sound, one night changed everything.

Mr. Rager


When Peter's hunger gets the better of him he reverts to a psyche he calls, Mr. Rager. Rager makes full use of the demonic runes etched into Peter's skin granting him instantaneous access to the demonic spells marked into his flesh. When in this state of mind Peter loses most of his sense of reason. He becomes a predator, consumed by base instincts and motivations. He is very similar to those of the Plague Vampire's Animal clan and it is the manipulation of this form that many believe will lead to a coming truce, or war with the Animal house.

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