Prime Target

Prime Target


Name: Peter Talbot


weight: 416lbs,

Personality: calm veneer but prone to explosive bouts of violence, single minded, focused upon war and conflict. He seems very Spartan, often forgoing comforts in favor of hardship. Tends to push himself and other to unreasonable degrees, forbidding any form of frivolous enmities.

Powers/abilities: a.i controlled brain, increases his intellect, gives him a HUD and allows him to direct/communicate with his a.i based soldiers. Prime’s lightweight nano-bot armor provides him with protection against all but the most severe attacks, increases his speed and strength, and can use raw materials to repair or reconstruct his body. Has access to and is skilled in powerful shooting gallery weaponry, including but not limited to: energy swords, PELLET rail guns, DART laser weaponry, LANCE laser weaponry, FIREWORK plasma explosives ect. He is also a highly skilled tactician and war historian.


Peter Talbot, before all of his augmentation.

History: born in 1905 from a one night stand between an insurance salesman and an airplane stewardess, Peter Talbots life was hardly in order, his mother was always inattentive, his father had left him, he had acquired little in the way of education, had no real friends to speak of, and had very few skill he could honestly say he was good at.
Jobless, and without any sense of self worth, at the age of 18 Peter was drafted into the army and was sent off to fight, and most likely die, in the great war.

However, in a surprising turn of events, Peter not only managed to survive the pitiless horrors of the Great War, he had grown strong through them. As hard the training had been, as dangerous as the battlefields were, and as horrific as the carnage and pain of war became, Peter continued on.

There was an odd sort of elation in peters heart as he entered combat, he felt purpose in battle, he felt his existence validated in the fires of war. For the first time in his life he felt he could escape morality, economy, social structure, and emotion, and get lost in a world that loved him simply for ending the lives of his fellow man.

Eventually he was approached by Stan Aroe, one of the heads of Shooting gallery, a mysterious organization that has worked tirelessly to move the progress and methods of warfare for countless centuries. They took note of his love of combat and offered him a small position as an agent of their organization.

Soon under the watchful gaze of Stan Aroe, Talbot developed into one of Shooting Gallery’s greatest assets.
He spear headed wars that needed to be started, manipulated people in order to achieve the organizations goals of spreading the fires of battle, and most importantly he took part in those battles with fiery zeal.
Quickly rising up the ranks of both the American military as well as shooting gallery, It soon became all too clear that peter’s final obstacle was his former mentor.
Goaded by the desire for more combat, and greater bloodshed, Peter knew his great machine of war could grow no further under Stan Aroe’s shadow, Not one for conspiracies against the organization (as were most members of shooting gallery, Prime openly challenged Stan to a battle to the death.
Refusing the request would have meant showing weakness to the organization that respected martial strength above all other things, and losing respect amongst them would have meant death at their hands regardless. Stan chose a respectful death, a soldiers death, he took peter up on his challenge……and failed, for no man could stop the war machine that had been forged from the fires of both world wars, no man could stop the evolution of war.

It was in this moment, as Peter Talbot, the newest Prime Target reveled in his victory, that Stan added his opinion on the younger soldiers “victory”.

“Do you honestly think you’ve beaten me? I stood here in front of you, ready to fight you to the death, knowing it was the end for me….I stood here and defied your rule with my last breath!! Yes, I will die…..that much is certain, but I will not serve you, and that is even more certain. For what can a man who knows only slaughter possibly rule? Only the corpses that stand before him.”

To anyone else it would have been written off as some foolish mans dying words, a bit of solace to him before death came to claim him, and indeed that was certainly what prime had tried to write it off as.

Yet as the new prime went on, attempting to run his sect of shooting gallery, he soon began to ponder these words carefully.
While prime did command a certain degree of loyalty and fear over his soldiers, this could only go so far, people had free will, people had breaking points…..people were weak.
Prime had already begun supplementing himself with mechanical enhancements, slowly eating away at what humanity was left within the soulless war machine he had become, and greatly enhancing the span of his unnatural life.

Eventually, weary of his reliance on human beings, prime had begun work on a clone soldier program, intended to combine the creation of artificial life forms, with a hivemind built from computer a.i.
Using the dna of his former superior, the late Stan aroe, (a small bit of irony aimed towards “the man who would never serve him.”) prime had created an army of clones, each controlled by a “soft” a.i, able to do very minor tasks, such as walking forward and killing everything in its path.
It wasn’t until the creation of “Leon Jinks” that the project could be considered a full success.
Aside from being FAR smarter than the previous “drone” soldiers, Leon’s a.i was constantly learning, and could be recovered after his destruction via wireless connection to the main computer.

It is unknown what the next step in Prime’s “project” is to be, some say its tanks directly able to create clones on the battlefield, others say it’s a more complex hivemind, allowing clone commanders to quickly, and quietly relay their orders throughout the ranks. Whatever his next step is to be, one thing is clear, it will most likely lead to far more death and violence.

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